Monday, April 11, 2011

Probably Should Delete This One

Who ran away in the yellow tuba? It make doesn't sense and I doesn't either. I dunno I suppose I ramble but that's okay cuz nobody reads this thing anymore. So alot of new things are going on, and I just lied to David about not writing this post. David just farted. We came up with a lot of funny ways to incorporate 'cock' into a creative punny title of an ethics essay about cockfighting. The winner was: Knock Out With Your Cock Out.
Work is good, school is good, people are good. Except for this one lady at Costco who was a flaming retard. Some people are so clueless.
Gas is expensive.
Food is cheap.
But only if you buy stuff that's not very healthy.
I have a cool Toy Story cup. It matches my poster.
Sniff sniff. Spring is in the air. Sun is out. Shining. Yay.