Monday, November 30, 2009

No Running in the Halls!

During our 5 minute break in physics, Alicia and I decided to run down the hallway of the environmental sciences building. It felt good, except for the part where I almost wiped out while turning the corner. Got a scrape to prove it.


This story takes place last Wednesday evening. I was going through security with my backpack and my mizuno duffle bag. I put all my belongings (sandals, cell phone, and sweatshirt included) on the conveyor belt and walked through. The guy doing the x-ray business told me to go back and take my laptop out and put it in its own bin (apparently laptops are more dangerous than pocket knives). He was pretty snooty about it, too. By now there were a lot of people in the line so I had to cut them and make them wait. I walked through again and quickly proceeded to gather my belongings so I wasn't in everyone's way. I walked to my gate and sat down, waiting ever-so-patiently for my flight to board. I was reading a book and listening to music, but I heard the woman say that they would begin preboarding for my flight. It was at this point that I looked down and saw that my backpack was the only bag that had made it to my seat with me. I was super embarrassed but kept my cool as I walked back to security. I kept imagining scenarios where the securtiy people found the bag and assumed there was a bomb in it or something and confiscated it. I got to the gate and explained my predicament to one of the kind ladies at the desk. I started to tell her how it had happened, but she said, "Oh honey, you don't need to make excuses. I've done it tons of times!" I'm glad I'm not the only forgetful one. I think what surprises me most about this story is how long it took me to realize I didn't have my other bag. I was sitting there for at least half an hour. They also announced it over the loudspeaker, but did I hear it? Of course not! I had my music cranked up like a dumbass.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Got back to Davis and it didn't take long for Dave and I to start acting loopy. He even rewrote the guitar intro in "Eye of the Tiger" to the sound of 'poop.' Example: Poop..... Poop Poop Poop...... Poop Poop Poop.... Poop Poop POOOOOOOOP.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Can't Decide

Which essay I should work on next! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After going through the x-ray procedures at the airport, I realized I made it through without either one of my pocket knives being confiscated. Awesome, I could have totally stabbed somebody.

Class Cancelled

Today I went to my only class of the day only to find out that it was canceled. Which is good except that I wish I had known that before I wasted an hour. Oh well at least I got to grab Carl's Jr. while I was there.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Was That Yours, Or Mine?

Today, I was in a lounge, sitting at a table. A girl walked up to me and asked if she could sit at the table too. Of course I let her, and then she called her other 2 friends over, forcing me to move all my stuff. This girl pulls her phone out and starts texting someone and I noticed she had the same phone as me. As she finished her text message, she left her phone on the table, where mine was as well. I received a text message, and she anxiously looked over at hers. About two minutes later, I received another text message, and again, she looked at her phone quickly only to realize it wasn't hers. The look on her face was priceless. Naturally, I was telling my friend (that I was texting) what was going on, so she kept texting me just so I could be entertained by this girl's reaction everytime I got a text. After this went on for about ten minutes, she finally resorted to holding her phone. Obviously, who ever she was texting doesn't love her as much as my friend that was texting me :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A long, long time ago....

It was Summer and I was working at a basketball camp. It was game time, and the whole game was neck to neck. In the second quarter, one of my girls accidentally shot on the other teams basket, and miraculously made it (she almost never made her shots). As a result, the other team was awarded those two points. I tried very hard to maintain my anger since the girl was in third grade. The game ended, and we lost by two. It was my only loss the entire week.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ditching Chem

Today I ditched my chemistry discussion to go to the DC and have a scrumptious meal instead. Verdict: excellent decision on my part.

Rain, Rain

Go away

Bus Bully

I PISSED SOMEBODY OFF TODAY! It doesn't happen often, so please sit back and relax while I tell you all about it.
I got on the bus after my SOC discussion and sat down all the way in the back in the second seat from the window next to this girl with brown hair and glasses (not really important, but I want you to get the full effect). I was chewing a piece of gum that I had been chewing since my first class at 9, but it was still flavorful because 5 gum is amazing like that. The bus started going and I kept listening to my music (Men at Work, for those of you that love details as much as I do). I popped my gum quietly, and as I did so, the girl next to me turned her head to see where the noise came from. I kept looking straight ahead and hadn't really taken notice of the fact that I was the reason she turned her head. I did it again and this time realized that she was turning her head to the popping of my gum. The question that arose in my mind at this point was, Is she confused by the sound and trying to figure out what's going on, or is it annoying her? I decided to keep doing it because I figured that if it were the latter, she could just deal with it until she had to get off. Each time I did it after that, she jerked her head in my direction, but didn't completely turn and look at me. I got progressively louder because I found it funnier as we went along. She finally got so fed up with me that she stood up way before her stop (Arlington Farms) and stepped around me (the seats in front of us were really close to my legs) to sit next to the back door. I continued to pop it as loud as I could and she STILL TURNED BACK TO LOOK AT ME! It was fantastic! So much power! She scowled at me right before getting off the bus, and I couldn't help but smile back at her. I really don't ever annoy people on purpose, but her reaction made it way too fun.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oops Ref

While refereeing flag football today I miscounted what down it was, so the team ended up having 5 downs instead of 4. Wouldn't you know it, they scored a touchdown on 5th down. Go figure.

Asians in Astronomy

Now that I've finally gotten around to getting my gmail stuff together, I can tell you all this story. As a TA for the Astronomy Lab, on Monday night I had to help out with the public viewing of the Leonid Meteor Shower. At this particular public viewing, the group there was almost completely Asian. For the night, everyone would watch a part of the sky and if somebody saw a meteor they would call it out and what part of the sky it was in. Wanting to document the experience, upon hearing "METEOR!" every Asian on the roof would rip out their camera and attempt to take a picture of the fireball shooting across the sky. They all had flash on. The word meteor then became code for, look away or you will see floating circles.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today while on the bus I heard some music. Puzzled, I looked around to find the source. Unable to locate it exactly, I resigned myself to the fact that it was either somebody's headphones turned up really loud or the bus radio (which is strange because the bus NEVER plays the radio). I thought to myself, "How cool, the bus is playing the radio today and I actually like these songs." (I think I even did that stupid little hand-bob dance for the song 'Jump Around' because it was one of the songs played). But after one particular stop something dawned on me... the sound didn't quite seem like it was coming from the bus. I checked my pocket. My phone had somehow been turned onto the music player setting the whole time. I proceeded to turn off the music player, then listened to how eerily quiet the bus was. Oops, my bad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheerleading is not very cheery...

So tonight, we had to cheer at the women's basketball game. We got into trouble for not smiling.

Aaaaadventure Time!

It's Tuesday which means it's adventure time for Dani and I. We started the day by having to run to catch the bus which we caught fortunately. However today was extra special because we got to eat at that food cart that always smells sooo good when you walk by. It's cadi-corner to the silo and is near the chemistry buildings, I think it's called Halal's or something; it's Indian food, maybe Greek, I have no idea really. Anywho, it was pretty good and it was like 5.49 i think so not a bad deal. You should check it out.

Mustache Girl

Asha and I rode the bus to chemistry this morning at 7:00 am (gross I know). Anyways, we were groggily sitting next to each other near the back door, trying to wake up. Mind you, there were PLENTY of open seats scattered about the bus. At one stop, "mustache girl" gets on (this girl in our bio discussion who's Asian and has a mustache and is very annoying and awkward). Instead of finding a seat like a normal human being, mustache girl decides to stand right by Asha and I, not because she wanted to talk to us, but for some reason unbeknownst to us. She just stood there the entire ride (with open seats everywhere), and at one point decided to apply some weird prescribed facial cream to her face; maybe it was mustache wax.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

I don't have class until 1:40 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Needless to say, these are my favorite days. Sleeping in, waking up slow, and making epic breakfasts make my morning so much better. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson pretty much sums up these kind of mornings for me :) I'm going to miss Tuesdays and Thursdays next quarter.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Insult Battle

Jaclyn, Asha and I were insulting each other for fun today. Jaclyn yelled at me, "Stop being retarded!" Asha replied (to Jaclyn), "Stop being Asian!" I think it's fair enough to say that Asha won.

Very Curious Indeed

There was a guy on the bus holding a black, beat-up looking ice hockey skate (just one). He kept turning it over in his hands and sighing really loudly with his head bent over it. Then occassionally he would smell the skate. I don't mean inhaling with the skate located somewhere near his nose; he would stick his nose right up in there and take a nice big whiff. I'm not really sure what his deal was. Kicked off the team? Parting with his favorite skate? Planning to kill someone with it later? Anyway, I was watching all this out of the corner of my eye and then he suddenly looked up and caught me watching him. Hate it when that happens.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh chemistry.. I will never escape you..

So I was eating some left cheesy potatoes that I made a few days ago, and I realized how interesting butter was. I warmed up the potatoes because cold potatoes just aren't that appetizing, and the butter that had occupies the entire bottom of the tupperware container had melted. I ate the potatoes and cheese. When I finished eating, the butter was still melted. I left the container for like 10 minutes, and then I looked at it and the butter had already solidified. I guess my dining room is really cold.

LAZY friday

On Friday night we did nothing- absolutely nothing; we just sat around and watched television. Jaclyn was there for a bit, then decided to leave. First off, I didn't blame her, cuz I didn't wanna be there either. Secondly, I thought she might come back (because she left kinda early) but when she didn't, I wasn't even mad, I just thought, "Good for Jaclyn."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Essays? No Thanks.

Essays that are required to be longer than 6 or 7 pages should be banned. It's cruel and unusual punishment. Let's face it, TA's don't want to grade them and students don't want to write them.

Biker Police

While waiting in line for the football game a policeman rode by on a bike dishing out high-fives. I didn't get one (sad face), but why can't all policemen be that cool?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunch Study

Today I got lunch in the silo in between class. After I received my food I decided that a table upstairs would be a nice place to sit. I sat down at a long table against the wall where a few people had been studying. Due to lack of space, I had to sit down next to someone that was already studying. I was eating and not studying; he was studying and not eating. Anyways I never felt that it was awkward or anything but after about 5 minutes the kid next to me randomly decided it was a good idea to change seats. I don't feel like I was cramping his space or invading his privacy or anything, but he felt that it was necessary to move away from me and sit next to someone else in this cramped corner. I don't think I smelled to bad or anything because I put deodorant today nor was I eating loudly or making obnoxious noises that might have driven him away (I came up with all of these reasons while I finished eating lol). Anyways he moved into this cramped corner which seemed to have less space than before, although it did have a window to provide some natural light. Maybe all he wanted was some sunlight.


I have a couple of essays to write. It's Friday. Yeah, I'm not getting anything done today.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uh...That's Mine.

So I was sitting in discussion, and about twenty minutes had passed. All of the sudden this Asian girl opens the door and walks in. She looks confused, and proceeds to enter the classroom. She looks around and then walks to my desk and kneels down in front of me. I was extremely confused as to what was going on, and even more confused when she grabbed my backpack. I looked at her and she goes, "Oh, I'm sorry" and puts it down. She then takes one more glance around the classroom and walks out. Needless to say, she didn't find her backpack, and the one she grabbed, the one that was right next to my desk, and laying against my leg, was not hers.

Chem Test

My chemistry test this morning was pretty easy, so that could only mean one of two things: the test went really well, or horribly, horribly wrong.


I went with Kyle and Amy to the bank today and I noticed that all banks have the same smell. I don't even know how I would describe the smell; it's just the smell of bank.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today Harry and I saw a girl on the bus with cheeks like Droopy the Dog. We both secretly wanted to pinch them in a grandma sort of way. But we restrained ourselves.

Monday, November 9, 2009


In our physics class, our TA always calls on our group (table 1) because we are right in front of him. Today, Alicia took a stand, and here's what went down.
TA: "Group 1, what is your answer?"
Alicia: "No. Call on somebody else."
TA: "Are you refusing to answer the question?"
Alicia: "Yes. Call on group 2."

The awesome thing is... he actually skipped us and we didn't have to answer that question! Giddyup!

P.S. It was all done in a light-hearted manner.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ouch, Charlie. That really hurt.

Ever look down at your [insert appendage here] and notice a cut or gash and think to yourself, "Hey, how did that get there?" And no, I'm not talking about after a night of drunkenness.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheesey Pizza

Don't you hate it when you take your first bite of your pizza and you pull off the entire cheese and toppings? And then it hangs from your mouth as you try and rescue yourself from looking bad by shoving it in your mouth real quick or by sneaking an extra finger up there to help pull the cheese from your mouth. Then you have to wipe the sauce off your chin and look forward to a piece of pizza with no cheese or toppings on it, only to do it again with the next piece.

Colt 45

So I was at a party, and the song "Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags" by Afroman came on. Needless to say, it is a pretty raunchy, inappropriate rap. However, more scary than that, almost all the people there were singing along to every lyric, and getting way too into it (like screaming the X-rated verses). Just wow.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Dude

Have you ever met some or encountered someone one time, and then you start seeing them everywhere? Well one kid, who was kinda weird, had to attend my physics discussion because he had missed one or something (I don't know, not important), and now I see him everywhere. I saw him in my physics lecture, then my bio lecture, and then my archaeology lecture. I had never seen him before this but now I see him everywhere. If he was in my history lecture too that would be scary.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Excuse Me

Today I was walking to my car after class when I noticed that there was something directly in my way. In front of me, there was a lady taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk. Yes, the entire sidewalk. People were trying to get around her as she was causing a traffic jam. I am still in shock because I didn't think it was possible for somebody to be that big.

Bad Breath=Bad News For Shannon

I know I've told people about my soc ta in the past, but today was an exceptionally painful encounter. I approached him after lecture to talk to him about my midterm because a friend of mine had gone from a 73 to a 90 in one short sitting. I usually don't talk to him one-on-one so I didn't really forsee this conversation as a problem. As soon as he turned in my direction and opened his mouth, I realized that I had made a big mistake. His breath smelled like something crawled back in there and died. His lips were coated with that weird white filmy stuff and made a sickening smack every time he opened them. I started pacing my breathing so that the green cloud that he excreted cleared each time before I inhaled. Occasionally he would turn and talk for a longer period of time, to which I would respond with a slight movement backward to avoid the gag-provoking stench. This is no exaggeration- I'm sure if you want to smell for yourself, he's diligently avoiding his toothbrush somewhere.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out of character?

So today was oddly boring except once 6 pm rolled around. I need to attain a CPR certification for the EMT class I want to take in the spring. So I attended the one given by AMSA. I got there, started the movies, then realized that I already know all this stuff and was teaching everyone else how to correctly do it. Finding out later that its the wrong certification for EMT-1. Oh well, I just hopped on the next bus home and figured I go to Safeway. I changed into my old basketball jersey, kept my jeans on and wore my Timbs. I felt like such a BAMF when I walked out like no one could take me down. It was legit, I then realized I couldn't have dressed gangster for halloween.

I is was are confused.

David and I have the same ringtone for our morning alarm, so sometimes it gets pretty confusing. Today was one of those times. The alarm went off around 6:45 am and I woke up, realized it wasn't mine, and went back to bed. I woke up later that morning, looked at my phone and saw that it was 7:09 am. Now in my head, for some reason, I thought it was a Thursday (when I have to catch the bus by 7:12 am) and was convinced I overslept. I looked over at Dave, shouted "crap!" and jumped out of bed and power-walked to the front door, where I thought Asha was knocking on the door (we have the same class). I got to the door, utterly confused. Harry was sitting at the kitchen table looking at me like I was a crazy person. I then realized that it was, in fact, Wednesday and I didn't actually have class until 11 am. I then said, "Oh... not crap for me, crap for Dave" (cuz he had to get up) and went to back to my bed still a bit confused.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Today one of the kids in the class I help out with was asking me about college. She asked whether or not there were popular kids in college, how hard it was, etc. Then she asked, "Are there gay people in college?" I looked up from what I was doing and said, "Well, yeah." She then proceeded to ask me if I was gay, to which I replied, "No." It took me a while to realize that she had been asking about the "GATE" program that apparently some schools have.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

70s Kid

Saw a guy today at school that looked like he straight-up belongs in the 70's. His poofy afro hair, orange hat, tie dye shirt, camouflage pants and sandals kinda gave it away. His facial expression even looked 70s-ish... whatever that means.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sticking to the Status Quo!

I feel like a cool kid now. Yay.


I spent the entire day in my physics lab doing a crossword puzzle - almost did the entire thing. Needless to say, it was a pretty successful day.

Summer Tan

I just noticed today; that my tan fades away
I could bask in the sun, or go for a run, to hope it comes back the next May
I thought it would last, but summer has passed, now I have to sit here and white.

Obeying The Rules of The Road

Walking on campus is a lot like driving. People walk in the invisible right lanes on sidewalks with slower people on the far right and faster people passing them on the left. We yield to bikes and buses for fear of being squished. The problem I found today with all this is that some walkers don't know when to give you the right of way. I was approaching a sidewalk corner and saw that there was a guy walking perpendicularly to me approaching the same corner. I was walking faster so I kept going straight, looking straight ahead so he could tell where I was going. Instead of walking behind me, he sped up and curved around in front of me. I kind of wished I had a horn to honk.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Okay well I could probably write about several things about last night, but I will just mention a couple funny things. First we were walking down the street in our costumes and we actually trick-or-treated at one of the houses along the street. The family practically wouldn't let us by until we accepted some candy but I mean who doesn't like free candy. It kinda reminded me of middle school. Gosh it's been a long time since I went trick-or-treating. Anyway other point that I will talk about is the best Halloween costume that i saw. It was Russel from Up! He had the backpack and boy scout uniform and even some balloons tied to his back. He even was Asian and a little overweight. I thought it was really well done and pretty clever.