Friday, December 24, 2010

Adventure Is Out There!

Every year on Christmas Eve, my family and the Coonings make pizzas. This year we are making SEVEN pizzas; most of them are ones we do every year like a deep dish and meat-lovers, but this year we are also including a really weird one. Get this: regular dough baked with nutmeg and cinnamon on it, then a layer of mascarpone cheese, and then sliced figs on the top with a balsamic reduction drizzled over it! The cheese and toppings don't actually get baked. I'm kind of excited to try it. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

The title makes me want this post to be about Up.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Think You're Old?

The other day I made the usual trip back at the golf course trying to get in some extra hours. However since it's winter, (and super rainy) the days are much shorter making it hard to golf as it gets later in the day, meaning there are few hours to work if any. Anyways as I get there I find that an old man had lost control of his golf cart and drove over two curbs and crashed into the garage door of the cart barn. He was driving fast enough to push the garage door inwards a foot or two and make everything on the inside of the barn go crashing across the floor. He actually hit someone on his rampage across the course but everyone was ok after the incident. This guy was about 85 and didn't have a driver's license so it scares me what he would be like behind the wheel of a real car or even what he did to lose it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Old.

I hate getting old. I'm sure you can relate to that one, Jac. It's just that everything is different now, especially during the holidays. Beck, the youngest, is now 15 years old, and this is the first year that we aren't doing stockings. In previous years, Christmas morning looked a little something like this: Beck wakes us all up at the crack of dawn. We all walk downstairs and gather in the kitchen, drinking coffee and waiting for parents to wake up a bit. After getting the OK from parents, we all proceed into the living room to grab 'n' dump out our stockings. They always had really good stuff in 'em like candy and chapstick and gum and headbands. Then we'd move on to the bigger and better presents. But THIS year, we just have to jump right in! I guess it's way better than no presents at all. But the point is that these changes wouldn't be taking place if Beck (and the rest of us) weren't all getting OLDER. It's just a big fat bummer.

In other news, I'll be 21 soon. So I guess there's perks to that too.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Signing Off the Blog

well we gave it a good run; doesn't seem like anybody cares about this thing anymore. maybe we'll pick it up again eventually, but i'm tired of posting stuff nobody cares about, and checking it only to find that nobody else posted anything. have a good break everyone.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How Do You Know

So I was up in Los Angeles today, near UCLA, because I was going to the UC Davis vs UCLA basketball game. After arriving about an hour and a half before the game, we decided to go find some nearby food. We walked about ten minutes from campus hoping to find something good, and saw a crowd of people gathered near the a movie theater; it was closed for the premier of "How Do You Know." The red carpet was out and everything! So we decided to wait around and see what we could see, since the stars of that movie are: Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson and... wait for it... Reese Witherspoon. One by one, the first three showed up, and thank God I brought my camera. I took videos of each of them, mostly from a distance, but it was nice to see that actors are real people. But where was Reese? We were all waiting for her, peering to see if she got out of every limo that pulled up. Suddenly, a group of security guards came right near us, and Reese was in the middle of them! She was giving out autographs and saying hi to all the people there. She made her way down, and I was basically two feet from her at one point. It was awesome; she is definitely as pretty in real life as she is on the screen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maybe Next Time

"I want just ONE time for my bag to be the first one off of the carousel" I said to David as we waited anxiously for our luggage. He nodded in agreement. The long, delayed flight was over, yet we yearned for our bags - the final key before we could step outside into Winter Break Freedom. Then the bag ramp started moving, the carousel turning with anticipation. The first item came up; I recognized it immediately. "I win!" shouted David as he bounced over to his black Nike bag and snagged it from the rotation. His radiant smile gleamed, and I could do nothing but pretend I was happy for him. So there I stood in astonished disappointment and waited, bag after bag, until mine finally appeared. So close. Maybe next time.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lazy River of Knowledge.

I have been so inactive lately, due to studying, that I almost want to get up and go on a run just to exercise. If you know me at all (and how I HATE running just to run) you should know how drastic the situation has become. I might have callouses on my butt for sitting for so long (sorry for any inappropriate images). I. Can't. Wait. For. This. Week. To. Be. Over. Period.

A Coach's Perspective

So, tonight I have my last game for my 7th grade team. So far we are undefeated and 8-0. We play the hardest team in the league, who we came from behind to beat and only by 3 points last time. I'm extremely nervous...yet I'm not even playing. Since I'm head coach, it's up to me to call the shots and if we're in a sticky situation, it's my job to get us out of it. Game management is key: knowing how many fouls my girls have, how many time-outs I have left, managing the clock, trying to sub girls in (we have 16 players) appropriately not only so we can win, but since it's 7th grade, trying to be fair about playing time, calling the right play at the right time, and SO MANY MORE THINGS. This made me think, are all coaches this nervous before big games? As a player, I've never thought about it! I guess this means I've growed up :(

Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Productive

Yesterday I ate M&M's and watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is code for: studying for finals.