Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can I Start You Off With A Combo?

It's been a long-ass time since I've written a blog so here goes nothin'. Lets talk about work, shall we? Since that's the only big thing going on in my life at the moment. So far I've worked as a cashier at the concession stand and an usher. Concession stand is very involved and requires you to ask your coworkers copious amounts of questions. I get to interact with customers which is a good thing except when they're the type of customer who likes to change their mind. Or be impatient. Both are unwelcome in my opinion. Being an usher, on the other hand, is very simple but a lot of grunt work (and yes, the grunts are required). You tear tickets (which can be really tricky when they're in a huge stack or when you didn't make a good enough crease), perform theater checks (AKA strutting through theaters with that awesome baton thingy), and clean shit up. Like theaters, bathrooms, the lobby, lots of windows, dishes at the end of the night, etc. So far, things have been pretty dead around the G St. theater because we have movies like the karate kid and jonah hex. But on June 30th, ALL OF THAT WILL CHANGE. (ha! that sounds like the start of a good preview!) Eclipse is about to make my life and the lives of my coworkers a living hell. So that should be fun. I'll keep ya'll posted on that one. I'm sure there's going to be very noteworthy costumes, people, and conversations to gossip about. Yay!

Monday, June 28, 2010

At Least I Work in the Water...

Today was not a fun day and the weather was completely uncalled for. Early in the morning, the temperatures hovered around the mid-80s. Now that is not so bad in Davis where its dry. However in New York, where its humid, its like being in a sauna. As the day wore on, the heat continued to rise and peaked right before swim practice at 101 degrees...still humid. There was at least a 60% chance of rain all day. Safe to say, I was completely relieved to go jump in the lake at 3pm to demonstrate the butterfly.

What the Heck?! Oh Wait

I was fiddling around in the kitchen listening to my ipod play on my speakers, which were on the counter. The song ended (One Headlight, ironically enough), then the next one started. It was some song I haven't heard before, and began with the sound of a woman's voice, and no other instruments. Honestly, it scared the crap out of me, because for a second, I swore some random person was magically in my apartment.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Song Requests?

Last night when I was headed home from work, for whatever reason, I saw three different cars pass by me with only one headlight functioning. Immediately after I put on the song "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Want To Hear an Oxymoron?

So, it's way too early for me to be writing this-plus I need to get ready for work. But, I'm writing this now so I can remember to do it later. Stay tuned!

WOMAN DRIVER. THAT IS AN OXYMORON!!! During my many hours of commuting to and from Davis, I have discovered the inevitable. Woman are HORRIBLE drivers. You would think that if you are driving in the fast lane and you see you are holding up a line of about 10-15 cars, you would move over and let them pass. But no. Several women in nice cars (Beamers, Mercedes, and Lexus') all insist on going 70MPH in the fast lane and allowing numerous cars to pass them.

Also, texting while driving IS dangerous! I've noticed that those drivers, both male and female, tend to slow down when they look at their phones causing those behind them to brake. They also swerve into other lanes. Dangerous. I'm just trying to get to work safely, Mr. Text While Driving.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cart Drivers

So the other day at the golf course I work at, I noticed that there were a few ladies having trouble with their golf carts. As I was already busy with another task, I did not approach them to ask about the problem. But as I continued to watch I noticed that it was not that the golf carts weren't working properly, but that the four ladies did not know how to operate this vehicle. Apparently the large pedals that say "go" and "stop" aren't big enough clues to get them moving in the right direction (haha pun). Apparently women can't drive golf carts either.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Its All Fun and Games Until...

So although I didn't actually have a blog worthy story to tell, today I decided to take a look at everyone else's posts. Right when I logged on I thought of all you guys, obviously, and then I lost the game. Surprised I made it this far through the world cup without losing? Yeah me too.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Carpools Only Between 5AM-9AM and 3PM-7PM

Don't you hate it when you're driving on the freeway and people drive in the carpool lane that DON'T have 2 or more people in their cars? I just feel like they're cheating as I sit in traffic behind everybody else. I hate cheaters.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Harry Will Appreciate This

So whilst driving on the road in good ol' Poway today, my friend pointed to a van in a nearby parking lot. No joke, it was a straight-up recreation of the "Mystery Machine" as made famous by Shaggy, Scooby and the gang in Scooby-Doo. Perfect paint job, sitting in the parking lot in all its glory. But who knows, it could have actually been the real thing. If there is indeed a mystery in Poway, I have faith that those meddling kids and their dog will solve it.

Flippin' The Ol' Bird

Setting: Driving back from the car place in my newly fixed up car with Beck riding shotgun. We're heading back home when this old guy comes up close behind me in a jeep and starts hardcore tailgating me. I mention it to Beck (or maybe I just start talking out loud.. something like, "Oh cool. Thanks man. I love it when people tailgate me). Regardless, Beck decides it's a good idea at the next light (at which we are both turning left) to turn around and look at him while saying things like, "What, you think you're cool because you drive quickly?" No profanity of any sort.. just staring at him. She gets a little worked up sometimes. Also, keep in mind that she is 14 and he's probably in his 70s. As we're turning left, I say, "He's probably gonna speed off in the other lane." Sure enough, he goes into the other lane and starts passing us. As he does so, Beck starts cheering him on (we decided that he must be in a race of some sort and figured we'd root for him). It was at this point that he flipped my little sister off. I didn't actually see it, but Beck said he held it there for her to see. I asked her if it could've just been an accidental thing, but he even changed the angle as he drove away. Just to make sure it stayed trained on her. Further along that same road, we saw him turn into the cemetary. Perhaps he was just having a bad day, but jeez. Way to scar the little one for life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

It makes me kind of sad to know that last summer might have been the last summer I spend at home. I absolutely love being home because although I've made a wonderful life for myself in Davis, it is severely lacking the people who made me who I am. I have so many friends here who, although I keep in touch with through technology, are not really present in my everyday life. Pedro is sort of like the small town where everyone knows everyone, but not really that small. It just seems that way because the high school principal's kid was in my mom's class and the dentist's daughter graduated my year. You know, things like that. I suppose it just makes it even more special when I get to visit.
You know, come to think of it, with the way the economy's looking, I'll probably be back in the parentals' house in no time!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lard Enlightenment

I found out why Americans are so fat today. All I had to do was go to a fair; the food options were a perfect example. I mean, when the only items America has contributed to the culinary arts are chocolate-covered bacon and deep-fried butter, you shouldn't be surprised.

Traffic Diaries Entry #2-FAIL

When I was driving back to P-town this morning, I had a great idea, but then I forgot...so, as soon as I remmeber, don't you worry, I'll post it :)

This is the real blog, right here:
I don't understand why my grades aren't posted yet. They have to get them in 3 days after the final anyway, so they might as well post them. Pretty soon I'm going to stop caring.

OH and..I started camp yesterday. I forgot how much I hate kids. Also, there's a senior at the camp who doesn't really know how to play. Who goes to basketball camp as a senior?????? Who starts playing a new sport as a senior?

The End.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Traffic Diaries Entry #1

Since I'll be on the road a lot this Summer I feel it's only fitting to warn you all that most of my blogs will consist of driving stories.

So today I was driving home from Dixon, and of course I was in the fast lane, when all of the sudden everyone slowed down to about 65MPH. I didn't see any traffic ahead, just that one car going 65. So, of course I looked to pass the line of cars, but as soon as I checked the other lane, I saw a CHP officer ahead of me. Don't you love how when there's a cop on the road everyone has to go the speed limit? Man, if I was a cop, I'd just drive around to mess with people.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Wish You Could

So today I was at a gas station in Chula Vista, California with my brothers and my dad; we were waiting in the car while my dad filled up the tank. A flashy wannabe Corvette-type car comes rolling up to the pumps with Akon's "I Wanna Fuck You" blasting loudly for everyone to hear. As if that wasn't funny enough, the man with a shaved head and sunglasses stepped out of his automobile to reveal that he was wearing... wait for it... CROCS! Ahahaha. Wow man- that song takes on a whole new meaning for you. And let me tell you this: you ain't gonna get any whilst wearing them Crocs.

Caution: Dangerous When Wet

Earlier, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands in the airport bathroom. After lathering, rinsing and repeating, I went to dry my hands. I go over to what I think is a hand drier, and come so close to sticking my hands into it. I thought it was one of the new high-tech blade driers, you know the ones that look really cool. Well it contained blades of other kinds. It turns out it was the biohazard waste disposal bin. You know, the one thats in doctors offices that they always put the used needles in. So yeah, I basically almost gave myself an uncountable tally of diseases. Thankfully I saw the skull and bones before I plunged into the box of death. Now do that many people shoot up cocaine before flying that they need to put a safety box in the bathroom for safe disposal? Times sure have changed.

This Is a Common Sense Announcement

You hear these words followed by a message that gives you all of the instructions required in order to get you and all of your belongings to your destination safely. It's basically a message for all of those that do stupid things like leave your child unattended or decide to bring a firearm onto the plane. For most people, this is a time that you tune out this message and think how stupid some people are that requires them to have to play this message, however for the select few that need it, listen up because you may learn something before you do something embarrassing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Shack Baby

Today I went with my dad down to La Jolla Shores and Pacific Beach. For those of you that don't know, those are basically the coolest beach towns in San Diego... they are a tourist must-see in my opinion and are basically a big reason why SD is awesome. Anyways, driving past all the little surf shops and Mexican food restaurants was so cool to me. It would be the greatest summer in the world to rent a little place near the beach with some friends and spend the summer hitting the beach and the bars. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that, there are a million AWESOME bars in P.B. We then went to this Mexican restaurant in Old Town that apparently has been there forever. There was a great bartender named Joe who seemed so cool (and reminded me how much I wanna be a bartender), a balloon guy making swords and stuff for random kids, and pretty girls walking around passing out light-up shot glasses; however, I didn't get one :(

Summer Fashion

The Arc was pretty busy today because today is graduation for many seniors at UC Davis, so it was natural to see lots of people in caps and gowns. However when driving out of the parking lot, Harry and I saw a student wearing his gown while riding a mo-ped. Fortunately he was wearing his helmet too but normally you put the gown over your formal clothes right before you get to the ceremony. Maybe he was in a hurry but it was pretty funny to see his coattails blowing in the wind behind him.

People of Walmart

So today I had to go to Target to pick up a couple things. Now usually, Walmart is the store with the weird people, but today I saw something amazing. As I strolled into the store I noticed a woman in a wheelchair. Clearly, I moved to get out of her way, but as she wheeled by me, I noticed no physical injuries, however she was EXTREMELY obese. I really hope her husband wasn't wheeling her around because she was too big to walk. Walking is exercise, ya know?

On a side note, I hope everyone is enjoying their first couple days of summer!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Even Though It's on a Couch

Today I slept in until 11:30... helllooooo summer!

Excuse Me, That's A Really Nice Car

If you drive a car worth over 60,000 dollars, you should be driving faster than 65mph in the fast lane. Just sayin....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Airport Eyes

An airport is one of the greatest places to people-watch; there are so many interesting characters if you just look around. I like to imagine their life stories. There were a lot of interesting ones today, but too many to tell about. However, there was the mother talking to her lesbian daughter (dressed totally like a boy--not surprised) asking her if she has any new girlfriends yet. It wasn't just that, the mom was being way too 'best friend' to her daughter, not like a parent. I always think that's kinda weird.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stopping Traffic

Today was the first time that I actually ran to catch a leaving bus. I've ran to the bus stop before, but the bus had never started to pull away from the curb. Not this time! At 7:09 this morning, the doors to the Q-line closed and I kicked it into high gear. I felt so great when I saw the bus lurch back as the driver hit the breaks. As I walked onto the bus I flashed my ID, thanked the driver, and went to my seat feeling extremely accomplished.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Awake in Dream Land

Harry just woke up from a nap, sat down at the table and asked me what beach everyone just went to, then went back to his room. Don't blame him for being crazy, he just wrote over 20 pages worth of essays in the last few days.

The Story of Finals, Persecution and Mario

Once upon a time, last SATURDAY was my Biology final. *Sidenote* Saturday finals should be illegal; why the hell would somebody make us take a test on a Saturday when we haven't had school on Saturdays ever?!? Heck, they don't have finals on Sundays, so why Saturday? Anyways, I showed up early, but as 8 am approached (hooray for getting up early) *Other Sidenote: 8 am finals should be illegal too* the doors to the lecture hall remained locked. Weird right? I guess even janitors think 8 am Saturday finals are silly.
So all the students, the TA's, and even my Professor, Kosher Power Plant Lady, crowded around wondering why no one was coming to unlock the doors. I cracked a few jokes with fellow classmates as we waited, until a female TA spoke up. She said (and I quote), "Does anybody here know how to pick a lock?... I'm serious." I thought that was funny enough, but some shady looking kid with black hair and a scruffy beard half-raised his hand and replied hesitantly, "I kinda do... What kind of lock is it?" Oh my god. It seriously made my day. But wait, there's more.
As the master lock-smith kid shuffled to the front of the crowd (Not really a master because he failed to get it open. Granted, he was using a paper clip), the female TA said, "Don't worry, you won't get persecuted." She said persecuted, not prosecuted- it's a big difference. According to her lacking grammar skills, she was afraid we would rise up against that kid and burn him at the stake or something for unlocking the lecture hall so we could take our final. I guess it's a good thing biology doesn't really require english...
So like I said, the shady kid failed at unlocking the room. I say 'shady' because since when is being able to pick a lock a respectable skill? I'm pretty sure you can't really develop that skill with positive intentions. Well, we waited for about 20 minutes for a maintenance guy to show up, and I gotta say, this guy looked like the real-life Mario with a shaved mustache. He had the entire get up- overalls, red shirt, a hat and a scruffy plumber-like appearance. Priceless. He was our savior; he granted us permission to go inside and take a final. Thanks, Mario.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just Like Good 'ol Times

Today, after my ochem review session, it felt just like old times in high school. Since I don't have a car up in Davis and I never get to drive to class anymore, it was a good feeling seeing everyone rush to the parking lot to get into their cars and make a line to exit. It was just like every other day as 6th period ended and everyone blared their music and tried to leave as quickly as possible. I don't know how to use the word "nostalgia" but I felt it... I think.

Technical Difficulties

I don't know why my last post is a weird font...

Make a Desk, Part 2

Earlier in the year, Kyle wrote a blog on how he made a desk in his room to avoid enemy fire. Well today I witnessed someone make a desk, but I'm not quite sure what he was avoiding. As we were getting ready to take our 8 am European History final, this one guy walks into the lecture hall and goes to sit in the front row of Giedt 1002. Now in the Giedt lecture halls, there are two tables at the front of the room and they are pretty large tables. One is for the professor to lecture from, and the other is in case the professor feels the need to walk back and fourth between the two like those duck shooting games at carnivals. Anyway, after that guy sits down, he slides up his desk and must have thought to himself, "well this isn't gonna do." So he proceeds to walk over to the second table and drags it over to his seat in the front row. He then took the exam, as everyone else did, on a desk much higher than his original desk, but also on a desk that blocked him and his neighbors in their seats. Nice job dude.


No, I'm not talking about the end of Spring Quarter. I think we really take vision for granted. As most of you know, I have been sentenced to wearing my glasses for a week. My glasses are not up to date with my current prescription, so everything is blurry out of my right eye. Ordinarily, I'd just go put my contacts in, right? WRONG. I can't. So, everything I see is blurry, and until you experience this annoyance, you'll never understand it's extent. THURSDAY COULD NOT COME SOONER. For once, I'm not counting down til the end of school, but rather when I'll be able to see clearly again.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Traffic Court

I think my bus driver ran a red light today. It wasn't like we sped into on coming traffic, but it was still bad. He must have thought he was going to make the yellow, but the light turned red just before we crossed into the intersection. Tisk, tisk, tisk. Don't think I'll get on a bus with that guy again.

Formal Wear

So I had an interview the other day which required that I wear a collared shirt with tie... the whole shabang. Pretty standard stuff except I was just thinking, what makes a tie formal. I mean it's this piece of colored cloth that hangs tightly around your neck, or who came up with the idea for a tie and decided that it would make you look fancy?

Yeah I Understand, I Feel Combobulated

Overheard on a COLLEGE campus: "What does discombobulated mean? Have I been using it in the wrong context this whole time and nobody bothered to tell me!?"
...And here I am thinking that discombobulated was a pretty self-explanatory word. Heck, just saying it makes me think of confusing things.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job

This must be documented! Yesterday I received 1. my first cashier's check and 2. my first counterfeit check. AWESOME! Basically this guy was trying to scam me but I totally saw through all his bullshit. WATCH OUT SCAMMERS! I'M ON TO YOU! And I don't appreciate your work.

Not Learning on Purpose

Today was the last real day of lectures for me, and I made the most of it by taking zero notes! That's right, people, none. I honestly TRIED to pay attention, but couldn't. Lectures can just be so damn boring sometimes, especially when you're fed up with the professors and the end of the quarter is in sight. So instead I doodled where my notes should have been in one class, and left the page blank and zoned out in the other. Time well spent, in my opinion, because from now on I am forever rid of Kosher Power Plant Lady, "Bawdy" Professor and Unfunny Stupid Joke Man. Finally.

Gut Feelings

Yesterday I had two history papers due and a psychology midterm. Granted, I didn't sleep on Sunday or Monday night. I got everything done and I survived Tuesday...until nap time. So many people had told me that I should take a nap when I got home. To everyone who told me, I responded with "Oh I have the astronomy final tonight and I have to be there at 8:15. If I sleep then I won't wake up, which can't happen." I should have followed my own advice. At approximately 5:00, I lay down to take the dreaded nap. I had set my alarm for 6:30 and I did wake up then. Jaclyn came in and I talked to her for a bit. I should have gotten up then...but I didn't. I quickly slipped back in to unconsciousness and dreamt away. Apparently, all of the other TAs had called me wondering where I was. So thats three calls and two texts that I slept through...and my phone wasn't on silent either. Well, all in all, I didn't wake up until 9:20. Ooops.