Sunday, December 27, 2009

Street Clean

I saw something today that I haven't seen before in my life: a truck that was transformed into a super-futuristic street cleaner. This thing had giant generators and made a constant hum as it cruised about the parking lot. Underneath the truck were two huge hoses that almost dragged on the ground and appeared to suck up any dirt and leaves, while the driver held an extra-long leaf blower out the window, like the ones gardeners use. I have to say that it cleaned up the gutters pretty nicely, but seriously looked like it was one of the "retro models" of street cleaners that will be used in the future, if you know what I mean.

Worst Mistake of My Life

Yesterday, I decided that it'd be a good idea to go to Barnes and Noble to pick up a calendar for 50% off. For those of you that have never been to Hacienda Crossings (where Barnes is located), there are a bunch of major stores and a movie theater in this shopping center. For some reason I thought that the traffic wouldn't be that bad. I got there at about 2PM, and it took about 10 minutes for me to get from the entrance to the front of the store, where I couldn't find a spot, so I decided to leave. Let's just say I waited for 2 hours (no exaggeration) to get out of the parking lot, when finally somebody pulled out of a parking spot near where I was waiting, so I snagged it, walked to a nearby restaurant, and called a friend to pick me up, and arrived home at 4PM. I picked up my car at about 11PM that night. HORRIBLE. Silver lining? While I was waiting by myself for 2 hours, I made plans with friends that I miss dearly-and I'm quite happy about that!

P.S. Hmm...i think somebody's birthday is coming up..... :)

I hope everyone enjoys their last week of break!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ta Day

Woke up, went to the Vet, played ultimate frisbee until I was sore, cared for my dog, went to my brother's basketball game then went and ate pizza until I was full. Now I will watch an awesome movie. The End (of my day).

Friday, December 25, 2009

I made lots of cookies. LOTS. And I have to sneeze. What a great day. Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mad Lizard

Found a lizard on the sidewalk in my backyard that appeared to be dead. I was surprised because it was a big one, and it didn't look squished or anything. When I went to poke it with a needle to see if it really was dead, it turned, opened its mouth really wide (I guess he was trying to show his teeth, which is funny cuz he didn't have any; I guess he was showing me his powerful gums... man I was scared... not) and it hissed at me. I took a picture and then it scampered off behind some pots.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gift Cards

Don't you just hate it when you get a gift card for a place that you never go to. I can't help but think that the money used on the gift card would be better spent on a restaurant that I actually go to, or just plain cash. I now have 2 gift cards to Jamba Juice, which I rarely go to, infact I will only go there if I have a gift card. These would be awesome cards if they were to Starbucks or Peet's or any frozen yogurt place! Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Atleast I got something!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas BREAK

Man, no wonder this is called a "break" because I have had the worst luck lately. I seem to break everything I touch. First, it was my dad's snow globe. It had a tee and golf ball in it, and as I was trying to get the golf ball on the tee (by turning the globe around), the glass cracked. Then it was my brother's car. I used it to do my christmas shopping and when I brought it back, my brother used it to drive his girlfriend home and it broke down on the way and had to be taken to the shop. Then, the day after we get the car back from the shop I get in to drive it, but first decide to adjust the rear-view mirror. As I barely touch it, the mirror pops off and has to be super glued on or something. After all of that, today I was at a restaurant and tried to move a chair that wasn't pushed in and the arm came off. What is going on?!? Seriously people, I guess you shouldn't let me touch your stuff.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Man, I Love Break

Last night I had a wedding reception and two parties to go to. This morning, I slept in and made myself a very good breakfast. Now I'm relaxing and digesting, before hitting the gym, and decorating Christmas cookies with some friends. To me, this is perfect. Let's just say I am thoroughly enjoying having NO reading or papers or anything to do :) I hope you are all enjoying your break as much as I am!


Waking up from a coma has got to be the worst. You'd have all the symptoms of a person waking from a regular night's sleep but multiplied by however long you were out. "My mouth tastes like somebody dipped my tongue in liquid death, and I feel like I haven't eaten for ten years! Somebody get me some eggos and a toothbrush!"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just What The Doctor Ordered

I just got back from a trip to Big Bear so I thought I'd share. There was tons of snow which means tons of playing in the snow. The only problem with that was that I only brought one pair of shoes that are basically already dead and should've been thrown away long ago. They got really wet and kept my feet nice and damp for the rest of the day. And Amber (my twin I was staying with, for those of you who don't remember her) doesn't have the same shoe size as me. Big problem. On a happier note, I went ice skating for maybe the second or third time in my life on a pretty rugged rink and DIDN'T FALL (I know, shocker right?). I'm ridiculously coordinated. No big deal. There was also hot chocolate and Swedish pancakes involved in my visit. But not at the same time. All in all it was a pretty marvelous trip. I highly recommend Big Bear for anyone needing a vacation.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Spent the ENTIRE day making and baking various types of delicious cookies. Of course I snacked on them, I mean, when else am i going to have cookie dough for breakfast?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yay Santa

Went to go see the "real" Santa Clause today with the family. I asked for a candy cane, and believe it or not, Santa made my dreams come true!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Sit Up

Went to the arc today and saw a peg-legged old man that looked like Santa doing sit-ups. He stroked his beard a few times and I think I even heard a "ho ho ho." Anyways, he's probably getting ready for all those holiday cookies he's gonna eat on his magical sleigh ride.

Attn Kyle Patrick Green

Knee exercises: Complete

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Went to Black Bear Diner yesterday, and as I am walking down the hallway to our table (near the bathrooms) a little chinese girl, no more than 7 years old, tries to get by me, accidentally walks into me, then pushes me out of the way and walks into the bathroom. I guess she really had to go, and wasn't intimidated by me in the slightest.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


So I am currently 3o,000 feet in the air. I found out that Virgin America has free Wifi on their flights. I got excited and just thought I'd share that piece of information.

Friday, December 11, 2009


It's fun to look back at my notebook at all the notes I've taken over the quarter. Like Shannon said, it always starts off good; my notebook looks like it belongs to the best student in the world the first couple weeks. I have multi-colors, neat writing and even notes from reading the book chapters. But by the end it is a sad story. Some lectures would be missing. Some would have two bullets. I stopped reading and taking notes from the book. But one thing is for sure: my pages progressively become more messy and abundant with random things that are of no educational value whatsoever. My favorite is to look back on lectures that had sloppy, kindergarten handwriting because I had fallen asleep and my hand was too weak to write after I woke up. Good times.


Asha and I were the only ones around who were done with finals completely. Therefore, we lounged around and soaked in the wonderous feeling of, "I have nothing to do." It was incredible.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Doodle. What a great word.

I think basically the only good part of studying is getting to look back at the evolution of your doodling. This is how mine went: In the beginning, there were no doodles. I paid attention the whole lecture and took awesome notes. Soon, doodles appeared in the margins. On the seventh lecture, I rested. And then there were many doodles, filling the pages of my notebook and praising my name. What? Did I just say that?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Day That Will Live in Infamy....

So today, Wednesday, December 9th, 2009, at 3:34 PM, Daveeypoo!!!!! and I had our first phone call. It was spectacular in every way possible.

So, I'm Not Sure If You Noticed, But It's Been Cold.

This morning I had an 8am final. As most of us have noticed, it's been FREEZING these days. So as I walked to my car, I noticed several people's windshields with ice on them. When I got to my car, sure enough, my windshield was frozen over. I got in my car, and attempted to defrost it, but the cleaner fluid was frozen too. So, I had a dilemma on my hands: wait for it to defrost and be late to my final, or attempt to drive to campus without being able to through my windshield. Of course I chose the later. Result? Driving to campus with my head out the window like a dog. Needless to say, my face was numb by the time I got to my lecture hall.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is kinda random, but have you ever had to sneeze but it won't quite come out? The other day I had this sneeze that kept tempting me but couldn't push the threshold to come out. It happened several times and it kept getting more frustrating and annoying. I kept trying to agitate my nose to coerce it out but it only made it worse. I even snorted a whole teaspoon of pepper. It never came out. My life is average.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Physics Pizza

Had a group study party at Woodstocks pizza. It may sound cheesy, but I left there full. Of knowledge.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Silly Walks

Today I saw an older lady that was walking rather strange. She kind of walked as if she was in a dictator's army or something. Both arms went parallel as she swayed her arms and her leg kicks were strangely high. I couldn't but stare at her as she walked away from me with perfect form. I'm sorry to say, but yes she was asian, sorry Jaclyn.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mix it Up

Asha and I sat in the very front row in chemistry class because we have been sitting in the very back row all quarter. We thought it would be humorous and ironic, and it was, until we realized our necks hurt at the end of lecture.


I was printing out fliers for Jasmine in Rose's office and happened to mention that Jasmine likes to hug people. Apparently someone who found a cat fitting Jasmine's description last year said the exact same thing. Rose then called her up and got the number of the owner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I brought Jasmine to the office and before you know it, this sweet old lady came in and started gushing all over saying how much she appreciated our looking after Jasmine. I gave her the extra food and cat litter and she offered to pay me for it, but I declined, saying that it was enough just for us to get to pretend we had a cat for a few days. We continued to talk and hang out a little bit in Rose's office until she decided that it was time to go home and feed her cats (I think we connected on a personal level because I'm the crazy aunt with tons of cats... we totally get each other!) Also, Jasmine's real name is...... SADIE!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bobble heads.

Today in Bio, Asha and I bobbed our heads for about 3 minutes (trying to out-do each other). Think about it, if you have more fun bobbing your head up and down for several minutes than you would listening and taking notes to a devil woman of a teacher with eyes like soulless pits of hell, you've got a problem.

P.S. The people sitting behind us must have thought we were crazy... or they understood our pain completely. I'm fine with either one.

Fruit Loop Necklaces

Today for our last discussion/lab in physics we had a potluck to celebrate. Of course everyone is supposed to bring something if you want dibs on any of the other snacks. I got the great idea (from Courtney Hall) to make some super-awesome Fruit Loop (they were actually Silly Circles) necklaces. Anyways a few of us spent some time putting together several necklaces for up to 30 people or so in class. I expected that the necklaces would be a huge hit, because hey, who wouldn't want a super-cool cereal necklace in your college physics class? Turns out only a handful of people grabbed one, so I was left with several extras. It was kind of a fail, although the people that got one did say that they were pretty cool, especially the T.A.

P.S. thanks for all the help to all the guys that helped make the necklaces. Also anyone that wants one can have as many of the necklaces as you want or even some of the left over cereal cause I've got a large bag of it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Safeway Trip

We went to Safeway and I pushed Amy around in a shopping cart while wearing 3-D 'Buddy Holly' glasses as David searched for giant bags of fruit loops to make string necklaces for his physics class.

Would You Just Shut Up?

It's the worst when the people that sit behind you in lecture talk the whole time. They think that they're the only ones that can hear the conversation, but really, the next 3 rows can hear them too, and it's very distracting. I remember last year in Psychology, Kyle said something to the people behind us, and they probably made fun of him after. It really doesn't matter what you say to these people, because even if you are polite, they will still think whatever you say was bitchy.

On a side note: an old man in front of me made a complete stop at a crosswalk with no stop sign, and no pedestrians or bikers crossing. Old people should have to retake their license test.

T-day brings .... new tech

soo as we all know, Thanksgiving Day (or as I like to call it, T-day) is a time for family and a lot of food and football. For the college student its also a time for meeting up with old friends to make plans for the winter break. For me, this T-day I did only one of those 4 things, I ate a lot of food. Scrumptious it was, but satisfied I was not. No friends did meet me, no family (apart from immediate which is given) came, and I'm not much of a football fan unless its English football. What did happen on the ending hours of this break, literally 2 hours before I came back to Davis, was the introduction of the new 3GS iPhone. Its a fanatastic piece of equipment and fun, I kid you not. it even has a lightsaber app! :D

Coins Matter

On Sunday, I went with David and Harry for a classy lunch at the establishment known as Wendy's. The total for my food was $3.23; I had $3 ready, but I didn't have coins in my wallet, and definitely wasn't about to get 77 cents back in change by breaking another dollar. So I did the only thing I could do- I reached down and unzipped my nifty zipper pocket on my shoe and pulled out a quarter. It was awesome.

Class Is Overrated Anyway

Today, I wasn't feeling well so I came back from class and laid down. I had intended on taking an hour nap, max. 3 hours later, it was 5:00 and I had missed my two discussions. Do I regret this? Not one bit.

Monday, November 30, 2009

No Running in the Halls!

During our 5 minute break in physics, Alicia and I decided to run down the hallway of the environmental sciences building. It felt good, except for the part where I almost wiped out while turning the corner. Got a scrape to prove it.


This story takes place last Wednesday evening. I was going through security with my backpack and my mizuno duffle bag. I put all my belongings (sandals, cell phone, and sweatshirt included) on the conveyor belt and walked through. The guy doing the x-ray business told me to go back and take my laptop out and put it in its own bin (apparently laptops are more dangerous than pocket knives). He was pretty snooty about it, too. By now there were a lot of people in the line so I had to cut them and make them wait. I walked through again and quickly proceeded to gather my belongings so I wasn't in everyone's way. I walked to my gate and sat down, waiting ever-so-patiently for my flight to board. I was reading a book and listening to music, but I heard the woman say that they would begin preboarding for my flight. It was at this point that I looked down and saw that my backpack was the only bag that had made it to my seat with me. I was super embarrassed but kept my cool as I walked back to security. I kept imagining scenarios where the securtiy people found the bag and assumed there was a bomb in it or something and confiscated it. I got to the gate and explained my predicament to one of the kind ladies at the desk. I started to tell her how it had happened, but she said, "Oh honey, you don't need to make excuses. I've done it tons of times!" I'm glad I'm not the only forgetful one. I think what surprises me most about this story is how long it took me to realize I didn't have my other bag. I was sitting there for at least half an hour. They also announced it over the loudspeaker, but did I hear it? Of course not! I had my music cranked up like a dumbass.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Got back to Davis and it didn't take long for Dave and I to start acting loopy. He even rewrote the guitar intro in "Eye of the Tiger" to the sound of 'poop.' Example: Poop..... Poop Poop Poop...... Poop Poop Poop.... Poop Poop POOOOOOOOP.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Can't Decide

Which essay I should work on next! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


After going through the x-ray procedures at the airport, I realized I made it through without either one of my pocket knives being confiscated. Awesome, I could have totally stabbed somebody.

Class Cancelled

Today I went to my only class of the day only to find out that it was canceled. Which is good except that I wish I had known that before I wasted an hour. Oh well at least I got to grab Carl's Jr. while I was there.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Was That Yours, Or Mine?

Today, I was in a lounge, sitting at a table. A girl walked up to me and asked if she could sit at the table too. Of course I let her, and then she called her other 2 friends over, forcing me to move all my stuff. This girl pulls her phone out and starts texting someone and I noticed she had the same phone as me. As she finished her text message, she left her phone on the table, where mine was as well. I received a text message, and she anxiously looked over at hers. About two minutes later, I received another text message, and again, she looked at her phone quickly only to realize it wasn't hers. The look on her face was priceless. Naturally, I was telling my friend (that I was texting) what was going on, so she kept texting me just so I could be entertained by this girl's reaction everytime I got a text. After this went on for about ten minutes, she finally resorted to holding her phone. Obviously, who ever she was texting doesn't love her as much as my friend that was texting me :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A long, long time ago....

It was Summer and I was working at a basketball camp. It was game time, and the whole game was neck to neck. In the second quarter, one of my girls accidentally shot on the other teams basket, and miraculously made it (she almost never made her shots). As a result, the other team was awarded those two points. I tried very hard to maintain my anger since the girl was in third grade. The game ended, and we lost by two. It was my only loss the entire week.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ditching Chem

Today I ditched my chemistry discussion to go to the DC and have a scrumptious meal instead. Verdict: excellent decision on my part.

Rain, Rain

Go away

Bus Bully

I PISSED SOMEBODY OFF TODAY! It doesn't happen often, so please sit back and relax while I tell you all about it.
I got on the bus after my SOC discussion and sat down all the way in the back in the second seat from the window next to this girl with brown hair and glasses (not really important, but I want you to get the full effect). I was chewing a piece of gum that I had been chewing since my first class at 9, but it was still flavorful because 5 gum is amazing like that. The bus started going and I kept listening to my music (Men at Work, for those of you that love details as much as I do). I popped my gum quietly, and as I did so, the girl next to me turned her head to see where the noise came from. I kept looking straight ahead and hadn't really taken notice of the fact that I was the reason she turned her head. I did it again and this time realized that she was turning her head to the popping of my gum. The question that arose in my mind at this point was, Is she confused by the sound and trying to figure out what's going on, or is it annoying her? I decided to keep doing it because I figured that if it were the latter, she could just deal with it until she had to get off. Each time I did it after that, she jerked her head in my direction, but didn't completely turn and look at me. I got progressively louder because I found it funnier as we went along. She finally got so fed up with me that she stood up way before her stop (Arlington Farms) and stepped around me (the seats in front of us were really close to my legs) to sit next to the back door. I continued to pop it as loud as I could and she STILL TURNED BACK TO LOOK AT ME! It was fantastic! So much power! She scowled at me right before getting off the bus, and I couldn't help but smile back at her. I really don't ever annoy people on purpose, but her reaction made it way too fun.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oops Ref

While refereeing flag football today I miscounted what down it was, so the team ended up having 5 downs instead of 4. Wouldn't you know it, they scored a touchdown on 5th down. Go figure.

Asians in Astronomy

Now that I've finally gotten around to getting my gmail stuff together, I can tell you all this story. As a TA for the Astronomy Lab, on Monday night I had to help out with the public viewing of the Leonid Meteor Shower. At this particular public viewing, the group there was almost completely Asian. For the night, everyone would watch a part of the sky and if somebody saw a meteor they would call it out and what part of the sky it was in. Wanting to document the experience, upon hearing "METEOR!" every Asian on the roof would rip out their camera and attempt to take a picture of the fireball shooting across the sky. They all had flash on. The word meteor then became code for, look away or you will see floating circles.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today while on the bus I heard some music. Puzzled, I looked around to find the source. Unable to locate it exactly, I resigned myself to the fact that it was either somebody's headphones turned up really loud or the bus radio (which is strange because the bus NEVER plays the radio). I thought to myself, "How cool, the bus is playing the radio today and I actually like these songs." (I think I even did that stupid little hand-bob dance for the song 'Jump Around' because it was one of the songs played). But after one particular stop something dawned on me... the sound didn't quite seem like it was coming from the bus. I checked my pocket. My phone had somehow been turned onto the music player setting the whole time. I proceeded to turn off the music player, then listened to how eerily quiet the bus was. Oops, my bad.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheerleading is not very cheery...

So tonight, we had to cheer at the women's basketball game. We got into trouble for not smiling.

Aaaaadventure Time!

It's Tuesday which means it's adventure time for Dani and I. We started the day by having to run to catch the bus which we caught fortunately. However today was extra special because we got to eat at that food cart that always smells sooo good when you walk by. It's cadi-corner to the silo and is near the chemistry buildings, I think it's called Halal's or something; it's Indian food, maybe Greek, I have no idea really. Anywho, it was pretty good and it was like 5.49 i think so not a bad deal. You should check it out.

Mustache Girl

Asha and I rode the bus to chemistry this morning at 7:00 am (gross I know). Anyways, we were groggily sitting next to each other near the back door, trying to wake up. Mind you, there were PLENTY of open seats scattered about the bus. At one stop, "mustache girl" gets on (this girl in our bio discussion who's Asian and has a mustache and is very annoying and awkward). Instead of finding a seat like a normal human being, mustache girl decides to stand right by Asha and I, not because she wanted to talk to us, but for some reason unbeknownst to us. She just stood there the entire ride (with open seats everywhere), and at one point decided to apply some weird prescribed facial cream to her face; maybe it was mustache wax.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

I don't have class until 1:40 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Needless to say, these are my favorite days. Sleeping in, waking up slow, and making epic breakfasts make my morning so much better. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson pretty much sums up these kind of mornings for me :) I'm going to miss Tuesdays and Thursdays next quarter.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Insult Battle

Jaclyn, Asha and I were insulting each other for fun today. Jaclyn yelled at me, "Stop being retarded!" Asha replied (to Jaclyn), "Stop being Asian!" I think it's fair enough to say that Asha won.

Very Curious Indeed

There was a guy on the bus holding a black, beat-up looking ice hockey skate (just one). He kept turning it over in his hands and sighing really loudly with his head bent over it. Then occassionally he would smell the skate. I don't mean inhaling with the skate located somewhere near his nose; he would stick his nose right up in there and take a nice big whiff. I'm not really sure what his deal was. Kicked off the team? Parting with his favorite skate? Planning to kill someone with it later? Anyway, I was watching all this out of the corner of my eye and then he suddenly looked up and caught me watching him. Hate it when that happens.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh chemistry.. I will never escape you..

So I was eating some left cheesy potatoes that I made a few days ago, and I realized how interesting butter was. I warmed up the potatoes because cold potatoes just aren't that appetizing, and the butter that had occupies the entire bottom of the tupperware container had melted. I ate the potatoes and cheese. When I finished eating, the butter was still melted. I left the container for like 10 minutes, and then I looked at it and the butter had already solidified. I guess my dining room is really cold.

LAZY friday

On Friday night we did nothing- absolutely nothing; we just sat around and watched television. Jaclyn was there for a bit, then decided to leave. First off, I didn't blame her, cuz I didn't wanna be there either. Secondly, I thought she might come back (because she left kinda early) but when she didn't, I wasn't even mad, I just thought, "Good for Jaclyn."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Essays? No Thanks.

Essays that are required to be longer than 6 or 7 pages should be banned. It's cruel and unusual punishment. Let's face it, TA's don't want to grade them and students don't want to write them.

Biker Police

While waiting in line for the football game a policeman rode by on a bike dishing out high-fives. I didn't get one (sad face), but why can't all policemen be that cool?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunch Study

Today I got lunch in the silo in between class. After I received my food I decided that a table upstairs would be a nice place to sit. I sat down at a long table against the wall where a few people had been studying. Due to lack of space, I had to sit down next to someone that was already studying. I was eating and not studying; he was studying and not eating. Anyways I never felt that it was awkward or anything but after about 5 minutes the kid next to me randomly decided it was a good idea to change seats. I don't feel like I was cramping his space or invading his privacy or anything, but he felt that it was necessary to move away from me and sit next to someone else in this cramped corner. I don't think I smelled to bad or anything because I put deodorant today nor was I eating loudly or making obnoxious noises that might have driven him away (I came up with all of these reasons while I finished eating lol). Anyways he moved into this cramped corner which seemed to have less space than before, although it did have a window to provide some natural light. Maybe all he wanted was some sunlight.


I have a couple of essays to write. It's Friday. Yeah, I'm not getting anything done today.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Uh...That's Mine.

So I was sitting in discussion, and about twenty minutes had passed. All of the sudden this Asian girl opens the door and walks in. She looks confused, and proceeds to enter the classroom. She looks around and then walks to my desk and kneels down in front of me. I was extremely confused as to what was going on, and even more confused when she grabbed my backpack. I looked at her and she goes, "Oh, I'm sorry" and puts it down. She then takes one more glance around the classroom and walks out. Needless to say, she didn't find her backpack, and the one she grabbed, the one that was right next to my desk, and laying against my leg, was not hers.

Chem Test

My chemistry test this morning was pretty easy, so that could only mean one of two things: the test went really well, or horribly, horribly wrong.


I went with Kyle and Amy to the bank today and I noticed that all banks have the same smell. I don't even know how I would describe the smell; it's just the smell of bank.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today Harry and I saw a girl on the bus with cheeks like Droopy the Dog. We both secretly wanted to pinch them in a grandma sort of way. But we restrained ourselves.

Monday, November 9, 2009


In our physics class, our TA always calls on our group (table 1) because we are right in front of him. Today, Alicia took a stand, and here's what went down.
TA: "Group 1, what is your answer?"
Alicia: "No. Call on somebody else."
TA: "Are you refusing to answer the question?"
Alicia: "Yes. Call on group 2."

The awesome thing is... he actually skipped us and we didn't have to answer that question! Giddyup!

P.S. It was all done in a light-hearted manner.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ouch, Charlie. That really hurt.

Ever look down at your [insert appendage here] and notice a cut or gash and think to yourself, "Hey, how did that get there?" And no, I'm not talking about after a night of drunkenness.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cheesey Pizza

Don't you hate it when you take your first bite of your pizza and you pull off the entire cheese and toppings? And then it hangs from your mouth as you try and rescue yourself from looking bad by shoving it in your mouth real quick or by sneaking an extra finger up there to help pull the cheese from your mouth. Then you have to wipe the sauce off your chin and look forward to a piece of pizza with no cheese or toppings on it, only to do it again with the next piece.

Colt 45

So I was at a party, and the song "Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags" by Afroman came on. Needless to say, it is a pretty raunchy, inappropriate rap. However, more scary than that, almost all the people there were singing along to every lyric, and getting way too into it (like screaming the X-rated verses). Just wow.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Dude

Have you ever met some or encountered someone one time, and then you start seeing them everywhere? Well one kid, who was kinda weird, had to attend my physics discussion because he had missed one or something (I don't know, not important), and now I see him everywhere. I saw him in my physics lecture, then my bio lecture, and then my archaeology lecture. I had never seen him before this but now I see him everywhere. If he was in my history lecture too that would be scary.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Excuse Me

Today I was walking to my car after class when I noticed that there was something directly in my way. In front of me, there was a lady taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk. Yes, the entire sidewalk. People were trying to get around her as she was causing a traffic jam. I am still in shock because I didn't think it was possible for somebody to be that big.

Bad Breath=Bad News For Shannon

I know I've told people about my soc ta in the past, but today was an exceptionally painful encounter. I approached him after lecture to talk to him about my midterm because a friend of mine had gone from a 73 to a 90 in one short sitting. I usually don't talk to him one-on-one so I didn't really forsee this conversation as a problem. As soon as he turned in my direction and opened his mouth, I realized that I had made a big mistake. His breath smelled like something crawled back in there and died. His lips were coated with that weird white filmy stuff and made a sickening smack every time he opened them. I started pacing my breathing so that the green cloud that he excreted cleared each time before I inhaled. Occasionally he would turn and talk for a longer period of time, to which I would respond with a slight movement backward to avoid the gag-provoking stench. This is no exaggeration- I'm sure if you want to smell for yourself, he's diligently avoiding his toothbrush somewhere.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out of character?

So today was oddly boring except once 6 pm rolled around. I need to attain a CPR certification for the EMT class I want to take in the spring. So I attended the one given by AMSA. I got there, started the movies, then realized that I already know all this stuff and was teaching everyone else how to correctly do it. Finding out later that its the wrong certification for EMT-1. Oh well, I just hopped on the next bus home and figured I go to Safeway. I changed into my old basketball jersey, kept my jeans on and wore my Timbs. I felt like such a BAMF when I walked out like no one could take me down. It was legit, I then realized I couldn't have dressed gangster for halloween.

I is was are confused.

David and I have the same ringtone for our morning alarm, so sometimes it gets pretty confusing. Today was one of those times. The alarm went off around 6:45 am and I woke up, realized it wasn't mine, and went back to bed. I woke up later that morning, looked at my phone and saw that it was 7:09 am. Now in my head, for some reason, I thought it was a Thursday (when I have to catch the bus by 7:12 am) and was convinced I overslept. I looked over at Dave, shouted "crap!" and jumped out of bed and power-walked to the front door, where I thought Asha was knocking on the door (we have the same class). I got to the door, utterly confused. Harry was sitting at the kitchen table looking at me like I was a crazy person. I then realized that it was, in fact, Wednesday and I didn't actually have class until 11 am. I then said, "Oh... not crap for me, crap for Dave" (cuz he had to get up) and went to back to my bed still a bit confused.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Today one of the kids in the class I help out with was asking me about college. She asked whether or not there were popular kids in college, how hard it was, etc. Then she asked, "Are there gay people in college?" I looked up from what I was doing and said, "Well, yeah." She then proceeded to ask me if I was gay, to which I replied, "No." It took me a while to realize that she had been asking about the "GATE" program that apparently some schools have.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

70s Kid

Saw a guy today at school that looked like he straight-up belongs in the 70's. His poofy afro hair, orange hat, tie dye shirt, camouflage pants and sandals kinda gave it away. His facial expression even looked 70s-ish... whatever that means.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sticking to the Status Quo!

I feel like a cool kid now. Yay.


I spent the entire day in my physics lab doing a crossword puzzle - almost did the entire thing. Needless to say, it was a pretty successful day.

Summer Tan

I just noticed today; that my tan fades away
I could bask in the sun, or go for a run, to hope it comes back the next May
I thought it would last, but summer has passed, now I have to sit here and white.

Obeying The Rules of The Road

Walking on campus is a lot like driving. People walk in the invisible right lanes on sidewalks with slower people on the far right and faster people passing them on the left. We yield to bikes and buses for fear of being squished. The problem I found today with all this is that some walkers don't know when to give you the right of way. I was approaching a sidewalk corner and saw that there was a guy walking perpendicularly to me approaching the same corner. I was walking faster so I kept going straight, looking straight ahead so he could tell where I was going. Instead of walking behind me, he sped up and curved around in front of me. I kind of wished I had a horn to honk.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Okay well I could probably write about several things about last night, but I will just mention a couple funny things. First we were walking down the street in our costumes and we actually trick-or-treated at one of the houses along the street. The family practically wouldn't let us by until we accepted some candy but I mean who doesn't like free candy. It kinda reminded me of middle school. Gosh it's been a long time since I went trick-or-treating. Anyway other point that I will talk about is the best Halloween costume that i saw. It was Russel from Up! He had the backpack and boy scout uniform and even some balloons tied to his back. He even was Asian and a little overweight. I thought it was really well done and pretty clever.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Whisper? Not Really I Guess...

There was a girl sitting a row in front of us in biology today with a her laptop. We noticed her desktop background was a photo of herself (like a close-up smoochy face photo) which is unacceptable. I proceeded to make some comment about how ridiculous it was (in a whisper) and then something about how the photo was way prettier than she was in real life (a messed up thing to say I know). The problem was that she was sitting right in front of us, and I didn't really use the most quiet whisper in the world. A minute after my comment she started rummaging through her photos on her computer (most of them of her) several times through. After a while she chose a photo of some guy in U.S. Army camouflage as her new background, which means she totally heard what I said. So if you see a story in the newspaper about a girl who killed herself because of a rude comment... it was my bad.


Yesterday I thought to myself how I haven't missed a class this quarter. Ironically, I slept in this morning and missed physics. I missed a quiz too but fortunately I can drop one or two of the lowest scores. Ugh I need to get to bed earlier...

Two Things..

First, I pulled a Dave today. I was walking from the ARC to the silo buses on a deserted path except for the guy in front of me. I started off far behind him, but I was walking faster so I caught up to him pretty quickly. Inevitably, he looked back at me in that smooth, casual way people have when they have to turn their head all the way backward. I think he stopped being creeped out after I passed him. NOW WHO'S THE CREEPER?
The second thing happened when I was on the bus. Two girls pulled the chord for the second stop (the one right before the freeway). They both got up when the bus stopped, and just as the first girl was stepping off the back door's steps, the doors closed and the second girl just stood there with a slightly bewildered look on her face. She didn't call out, "Back door!" as people often do, nor did she make any sound for that matter. She just sat back down in an embarrassed huff and took out her phone to rant about it to someone. Needless to say, I was up and out of my seat before the bus came to a full and complete stop in front of Lakeshore. The girl was still on the bus when I got off.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today I met a girl who said she liked school. I asked her why. She said because it is better than the alternatives. So I asked her if she actually liked school or if it just sucked less than her other choices....

Dave = Psychic

Dave can read my thoughts. And he's apparently working on inserting his own thoughts into my mind. Is mind control legal?


Don't you hate it when you feel like you have to sneeze and then all of a sudden it disappears? Yeah, me too! Or when you you just took an enormous bite of something to eat and then all of a sudden it is expelled from your mouth and into your hands. MLIA.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paranormal Activity

Dani and I have a demon in our apartment. He's actually been following me around since I was 8 years old, but I decided not to mention that part to Dani when we moved in together. So far he's opened and closed the door to our water heater numerous times and rolled around on the roof above our living room and my bedroom. If Dani turns up dead in a few days, it definitely wasn't me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today is windier than front row seats to a rotating fan convention.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Southern Californian Accent

Today in archaeology, my professor was describing one of her coworkers who apparently had the "cutest" southern Californian accent, whatever that means. Does that mean he was like, "Yeah bro! That pottery is totally gnarly bro! Tubular!" I don't sound like that and I find that very offensive!

(I don't really I'm just quoting Daniel Tosh)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windy Sunday

Why is it always windy on Sundays? We have a frisbee game every Sunday and that gosh darn wind makes life so difficult. Yesterday (and the whole week, for that matter) was windless, but no, not on Sunday. I guess Sunday is God's sigh of relief (hence the wind) and he just wants our frisbees to go haywire.

RAs On-call...

So C was on rounds tonight and doing so means checking all rooms for safety hazards. When C opened the door to the music room she walked in on some very frisky business. The guy definitely wasn't wearing his pants or shirt anymore. (Thankfully yes to the boxers at this point) The girl was wrapped in a blanket so the status of her pants is unclear. Each was actually wearing something though: looks of horror on having their RA catch them in the act. C managed to keep it together while she told them that the music room coach is not an appropriate place to be. As soon as she shut the door she cracked. Even now C is giggling to herself:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chem in the Morning

A word of advice: don't wake up on a Saturday morning and do chemistry homework. It will put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day that is very tough to get out of.

Driving Home

Yesterday, I drove home. I was in the fast lane getting tailgated by this guy. I was going 80. He tried to pass me but I sped up just to be a jerk. Needless to say, he couldn't get past me, and he tailgated me for most of the way home.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I overheard someone on the bus today asking how to spell tomorrow. It's kind of a tough word... if you're in the fourth grade but the kicker is the guy he asked told him it was spelled "tomorow." And I thought college was supposed to be hard to get into.


I ran after the bus today with my arms flailing dramatically, saying, "Come back, bus, come back!" It didn't stop.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Stepped in dogshit right before getting on the bus today. Tracked it from the steps to my seat, where I finally noticed its presence on the bottom of my left sandal. Every stop after that, the driver pointed it out to everyone getting on the bus. Incidentally, nobody sat next to me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spider String

Dave and I were walking on campus and saw a couple Asians coming toward us (go figure). Then we noticed that a string of spider web connected both of their heads together. Then we laughed. Silly Asians.


So a bunch of us went to see Paranormal Activity last night, which is rated R, and I got carded. I'll be turning 20 in about 2 months.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Don't you hate it when you have chicken nuggets or fries, or any consumable substance that requires dipping into a delectable sauciness, and you run out of sauce just before you run out of your food? What I'm talking about is when you have only one or two chicken nuggets left and you run out of ketchup. Happened to me. I always try dipping the nugget into the empty space where the ketchup used to be until I see that the ketchup doesn't magically appear. Whenever I only have a couple chicken nuggets left, I always feel so lazy to get a little bit of ketchup. Is it really worth it for the last two nuggets, but I feel so empty if the last couple are lacking in tastiness. I'm always afraid that if I do get up to get the ketchup, I'll get way too much and I"ll end up just wasting it. Ugh such a hard decision for a little ketchup.

Pink Cell Phone

I met a guy in my discussion that has a pink phone. Yes, it was his phone, not his girlfriend's. Considering how quiet he is, I was surprised that he had the guts to get a pink phone to show off his feminine side. I asked him why he decided on pink and he said it was because no other guy had it. I wonder why...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sleepy Alarm

Harry slept through his alarm, even though it was going off for over an hour and I could even hear it in my room. Nice.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flippin and Drivin

Got flipped off by somebody in a car while riding my bike on the bike path. Have no idea why, but maybe that guy was showing off for his girlfriend in the front seat. Real cool, dude.


I noticed the other day that I have sort of become a stalker to one kid walking between classes (this is the same kid that i followed one day that was wearing the same colors as me). It turns out that we both have history and archaeology together so we walk to the same place everyday. However everyday he gets out of class a few seconds before me which means that i have to creepily walk behind him for about 10 minutes until we get to class. I think he notices me walking behind him too because he checks back frequently to see if I'm still behind him. I'd try and walk fast and pass him but he walks about the same speed as me which is already pretty brisk. And if I walk slower, I'll be even more late to class. One day I'm going to have to talk to this guy or get my bike fixed so I don't have to stalk him everyday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Once upon a time I found some moldy chicken in our refrigerator. Once upon another time I threw it away.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bus Mistiming

Was gonna take the K line bus back to my apartment, but Q got there first (both were gonna leave at the same time), so I boarded Q. Somehow the windshield wipers broke, so Q wasn't gonna leave anytime soon. I then looked outside the window to see K drive away into the distance. So bothersome. I then proceeded to ditch Q and walked across campus to take the D bus. Yay me.

All Aboard!

After class, I calmly waited for the bus to arrive. As the bus pulled up, which was clearly marked Q, I stood up and waited for most of the other students to board first. Just before the bus was completely full, the bus driver called out, "This isn't the Q line." Everyone looked back at her confused and slowly climbed back out of the bus. Just as soon as the last person got back off the bus, the driver realized her mistake and corrected herself that it was indeed the Q line bus. Everyone grumbled and climbed back on the bus and everyone made it to their stops safely as normal.

Getting Friendly on the Bus

So this morning Dani and I were taking the D line and had the wonderful privilege of standing. On the turn from Arlington to Russell, the driver took it a little too fast and Dani was thrown into the lap of a small asian girl sitting behind her. Dani apologized profusely, but I don't think the girl spoke English because she didn't really respond. She just looked very tired and very upset, and Dani and I both thought she was going to start crying. Then she shook her head in a, "Why do these things always happen to me?" sort of way. Dani hung her head in shame for the rest of the drive.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Out Of Class Early

Yesterday, my teacher was nice enough to finish lecture early and let us go 10 minutes early. Unfortunately, I still had to wait for the bus, which also is always late. Thanks Archaeology!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bearer of Bad News

There's a kid in my soc class who sits right up front every lecture and can barely restrain himself from raising his hand and giving 5 minute responses to questions that could be answered in a sentence. He also likes to harp on small details and argue about nothing at all. Someone needs to tell him the bad news; they don't give cookies OR gold stars in college classes.

New Member!

I would now like to officially welcome myself to THE BLOGGGGGG (said like "THE CLAWWWW" from toy story).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just Drop It.

Same story as David.

Just Desserts

Today after the DC, Kyle, Alicia and I walked out of Tercero each with our take out dessert. I had an apple and was tossing and spinning it up and down in my hands. I jokingly said to Kyle, "Go Long!" We tossed it back and forth once as Alicia said, "I hope that drops on the ground." Just as she said that, her chocolate chip cookie dropped to the dirty, dusty cement. It couldn't have been more funny!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breakfast For Dinner



Our Ultimate Frisbee team won today! Dominated 10-7. The other team had a really intense player that wanted to trade frisbee "discs" to a UFA approved one at halftime. We said no, even after he insisted. Also, we could totally tell he was one of those frisbee fanatics who is a reject from a real sport. Too bad he lost.


"Teeth" is the worst movie ever made. Period.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, after history class, I had to walk across the entire campus to get to my next. This is normal for Monwedfridays. However today I noticed that for the entire ten minute trip across campus, a kid was wearing an identicle outfit as me. We both had blue jeans, a light blue shirt, and a tan backpack on. It was odd how well we matched and we were practically walking together for about ten minutes. He walked at the same speed as me at an even three feet ahead of me. I thought it was hilarious how we practically both looked like the same person. He even had short brown hair too.

Swine Floo

Discovered that Asha has the Swine Flu today. I really hope she gets better... and I hope I don't catch it considering I sat next to her in two classes today. Freakin' pigs and their damn flu.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mutual Friends

I was on face book earlier today when i saw that my brother was tagged in some photos. Nothing weird there, so I took a peek. Although what i found seemed rather interesting and kinda weird. My brother, who is 8 years older than me, is mutual friends with some people that went to my high school and are my age. He probably even talked to them and knew them better than I did! It might not seem that weird but I guess you must come to realize that once you are out of high school, you aren't forced to associate yourself with the people in your same grade and ages start to blend. It just shows that we are all getting old...

Sneaky Sneaky

Today David, Harry and I noticed that Shannon's apartment door was open. So, naturally, we snuck up there and went inside and sat on the couch (without her noticing). She went back to the kitchen table, still unaware that we were there. Almost bursting with laughter, and sitting on the couch, she finally looks over and gasps in surprise (after like 30 seconds of being in the same room in plain sight). It was awesome. Awesome because we are so sneaky.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Amy and I finally got to ride the double decker British bus! It was so magical, except for the part when I got hit by a branch through the window.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chem Genius

Asha and I (now called Ashimony and Kylogen in chemistry) are the geniuses of our chemistry lab period. Hazah!

It's Rude to Stare

So last week in one of my discussion classes, I was there a bit early since my previous class didn't take the full hour. As I was sitting there, awkwardly, with my peers, in my classroom waiting for the discussion to start, I heard someone start singing. I thought it was quite odd, so I turned around to see where it was coming from. Of course, it was the girl 2 seats behind me. She had her i-pod in, and was just singing. This went on for about 10 minutes before the TA came in and finally got the class started. I couldn't help but turn around several times. Today, in the same discussion, it happened again. Later, I saw her walking around campus, singing, out loud, to herself.

OH and, I saw a girl eat it trying to make it to the bus stop on time. Oh Davis, there are just so many weird people here.

Monday, October 5, 2009


So, today C and Kenny were walking down North Quad Ave(the street next to the death star). As they approach A St, the two see men at work with safety vests and work gloves. They are serious workers. As C and Kenny approach the men, they noticed that the men are staring at the ground where they had just repainted the STOP sign on the ground. The men seem puzzled. It's like they were thinking "Hmmm, something seems off but I just can't put my finger on what...." Well C and Kenny quickly see what is amiss. Just a clue guys, when you go to paint something on the ground it is usually a good idea to use a dictionary before the paint is sprayed. Stop is spelled S-T-O-P not S-T-P-O. No that is not a joke. Literally two grown men spelled a word most learn at age 5 wrong! On the University's campus! How embarrassing.
But that's not all. As C and Kenny returned from the copy shop, they were disappointed to see that the ground no longer read STPO. Instead the men had taken the O and P and repainted over the P and O. Now it reads S-T-scribble. Go check it out.
Unless someone with some spelling-savvy has already fixed it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love Fest

Wow. Just wow. There were so many weird people there it was crazy. Nudity, drugs and dancing. And a topless girl doing chin-ups on the BART.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pot Luck

Today we had a giant potluck dinner at Eshan's apartment. It was so good. I made mashed potatoes (kinda) and there was bunches of good food. Yum

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday Started out Cold and Sleepy....

...but then I met Sunny.

Heading to lab at 8am is not my idea of fun, but school is school and C and I lazily rode our bikes to Roessler. We get to our lab room and the door is closed and everyone has the same grumbly expression we do. At around 8:05 the lab instructor next door let's us in and tells us to get into groups of around 4 and start working. C and I sit at the same lab table as last quarter, at the front next to the TA's lab table. So, we oblige and get to work with our other lab partners.....

At around 8:25, this girl walks in and askes me if I know where the head lab instructor is and I tell her he's next door. That was when I met Sunny. Everyone's working hard trying to get the lab done and Sunny tells us that she's our TA and interrupts our group to tell us that she needs our lab station and, eventhough we are about a half hour into the lab, she wants us to split up into the other groups and start from scratch. The way sleepy Kenny interpreted this request was "Hi, I want a 20 foot lab table all to my self, and I want you and your girlfriend to be in separate lab groups, and I want you to start the lab over with some other idiots who probably have crappy data, and I want you to do it with a smile all because I was 20 minutes late to my job!" ....Grumble.

C and I look at eachother and we agree that this is bullshit. We waste 10 minutes explaining to Sunny that we are half way done with the lab and it would be a riddiculous request to have us start all over again. After some broken english and Sunny insisting several times that it would be in our best interest to start the lab over, we convince her that she should just leave us alone....then we actually get some work done....until an hour into the lab....

One of the guys in our lab decides that he's not going to stick around and leaves because he's repeating the course and doesn't want to take the lab again. Sunny then approaches us again and says that it's perplexing to her to have a lab with only 3 people in it. (Last quarter I had a lab group with only 3 people, and I'm still alive to tell about it.) She says we should split up again, join another lab group again, start over with totally different data again (mind you, now we're an hour into the lab), and join other groups to make groups of 6 when the guy who runs the place tells us to get into groups of 4. C and I give eachother the "is this person for reals!" look and once again explain that it would be stupid to throw our data out just because you want the 20 foot lab table all to yourself. We easily convince her to leave us alone, telling her that next week we'll give her the 20 foot lab table and then be all smiles and giggles about it at 8 in the morning.... and eventually we finish the lab and get the heck out of there.

Moral of the story: My lab TA is riddiculous. My TA needs a 20 foot bubble during lab to sit by herself and play around with a lab set-up just so she can entertain herself and break up a perfectly functioning lab group. My TA thinks it's ok to stop a group 60 minutes into the lab and start over with totally new people....
But I can tell you that by next Thursday, I am going to sit in the front lab table right next to Sunny with my best friend....and I'm going to be all smiles and giggles.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wore my Charlie Brown shirt today. Oh... and FINALLY there's a cute girl in one of my classes - Bio discussion. Yes.

Olson 109

I'm not even going to try and describe it. You just have to look for yourself. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Counting Cars

I counted all the blue cars and Amy counted all the red ones. I was winning, but then Amy saw a FedEx truck and shouted, "FedEx I win!!!!!" I couldn't compete with that. I lost.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bus Waiting

Asha and I missed the bus (saw it drive away) so we sat at the bus stop for a half hour. Then we decided not to go on the bus we should've (cuz it said Express and we were dumb and didn't go on it). So, because of our idiocy, had to wait at the bus stop another half hour. That's one hour total. Yay us; nothing quite like quality sitting at the bus stop time.

Asian Bikers

The other day I was on my way to my History class. I was crossing the street, and there was a car that was waiting to turn onto the street I was walking across. So, like a respectful citizen, I sped up to cross the street faster. When I was almost to the other side I felt a sudden pain in my left thigh. I looked to behind me to see what had caused it. There was a girl on a bike, stopped, staring at me. Mind you it was about 10AM, and I was still waking up. I thought about saying "are you serious right now?" but instead I just kept walking. This girl just looked at me as if it was my fault, and didn't apologize, or say anything. And, as expected, she was asian.

Monday, September 28, 2009

TA zn

It's just my luck to have the only Asian T.A. in all of physics 7. And of course he can't speak English very well. Yay.

Bikes Suck

The past two days my bike chain has fallen off twice. Luckily i wasn't too far from where i needed to go so it all worked out. But today something weirder happened. While I was WALKING my bike on the way to the DC for lunch, I heard a poof! It shocked me to see that my rear bike tire was instantly flat. I wasn't even putting pressure on it and i didn't run over anything, it just felt like spontaneously popping. I don't even have a clue how it happened. I guess I should just take the bus next time...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Asian People

So, I was sitting in my Political Science class talking to my new friend as I started to notice some asian people sitting a couple rows in front of me. It was brought to my attention, about 2 slides into the power point, that these asians were extremely ridiculous. Not only were they taking pictures of EVERY slide the professor showed (yes, with their iphones and digital cameras), they persisted to take picture even after the professor confirmed that all the lecture slides would be online. This instance reminds me why I am embarassed to be asian.

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Days Of School

Okay so we all know that nothing really happens during the first few days of school. But this year I realized that professors in college also use these days to show off or to explain what is on their mind. My biology teacher who refuses to go by any name other than DOCTOR Gerhart, spent the entire class period explaining what science is and the approaches that one might take in order to be a good learner. I don't think any one person took a single note in that class. My archaeology teacher spent 45 minutes showing pictures of her career archaeological expeditions across the globe followed by a single definition of what archaeology is. Almost all of my teachers today also talked and explained the UC Walkout and all of the reasons/solutions for it. Yeah, pretty boring and unproductive day...

Crash or Not

Today Amy and I watched for potential bike crashes at the busiest bike circle on campus. To our dismay, nobody crashed, but somebody did almost get street swept.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


First day of school- yet another day of ridiculous freshmen. My chemistry class was PACKED full of people; there were more than 500 people there. It is mostly a freshman class, which makes it fun. And since it was the first day, the wee little freshmen got to ask their precious little questions. *Sidenote* My Professor is Dr. E and he makes a lot of jokes (he's very very good) and says things to get a laugh that normal professors wouldn't. Anyways, back to the questions. It was sad to find out that some freshmen didn't get his jokes. For example: Dr. E joked that he would take attendance (but sounded serious); later, some kid asked, "Are you really going to take attendance?" REALLY DUDE!?! I mean, how on Earth would a professor take attendance in a class of over 500 people? That kid was clearly a 'n00b' freshman because, hello, lectures aren't mandatory- especially one like chemistry. But the idiocy didn't stop there. Somebody asked what P.T.A. number stood for (permission to add). That doesn't sound so bad, but it was, because the kid asked that question RIGHT AFTER Dr. E said what it was. I even heard some girls behind me discuss the spelling of the word: syllabus. Ugh! I hope I wasn't that loserish last year, but maybe I was.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chem Test / Freshmen

Yesterday Asha and I took the Chemistry Placement test. It wasn't too hard of a test (we think we passed) but some funny things happened before the test even started. First, we were directed to a lecture hall to sit down. By the way, since we were about to take a placement test, the majority of kids in the lecture hall were freshmen (it was so easy to tell). While Asha and I were sitting and waiting for the test to begin, we started talking. We discussed our apartment, taking the bus, and other such things that, to the eavesdropper, would make it apparent that we were not a freshman. Luckily for me, I noticed that the girl sitting next to Asha (who was totally a freshman) was listening in on us, and had a look of respect / admiration for us, strictly because she could tell we weren't new to the Davis. I could be imagining it, but I swear it's true. However, that was just the beginning... Once the test proctor began speaking and telling us how to fill out the scantron was when the true freshman idiocy showed up. Examples: One guy asked, "Um... you said registration card... does that mean our student I.D.?" YES!!! you crazy person! My gosh! But here's the best one: One girl said, "I accidentally wrote my name upside down on the scantron, is that okay?" WHAT?!! I couldn't believe it. Asha and I both laughed. I mean, seriously, how did people like that get into Davis? Oh well. Basically my point is: freshmen are hilarious.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parentals and Technology Do Not Mix

So my Mom called me yesterday, only to interrupt a perfectly great nap. The reason for waking me up? She had to ask me how to use something on my computer for the SIXTH time. Yes, the sixth time. Before I left for college last year, she took the time to write down the steps of how to do this incredible feat of burning a CD. So, naturally I was very impatient with her while I was trying to explain to her how to do this over the phone...which almost never works. Why can't parents just get it right! Neither of my parents are very good at the new, or not so new, technology out there.


Yesterday I went to the ARC and worked out (yay!). Then I went to the bookstore and paid lots of money for dumb books (boo). Then I learned some chemistry (boo again). Then we all watched Kill Bill Vol. 2 (yay!).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Kid's Park

So last night, Harry, Kyle, David, Amy, Jaclyn, Asha and I went to the big kids park. I've never been there but it was fun. Us guys were on the little spinning thingy just acting kewl like from Westside story and spinning at the same time. Funny part was some freshmen girls were walking by, sadly only like one was decent, and telling, almost yelling, us to go to SAE for the frat party. We could tell she was already drinking as she stumbled onto the mulch of the playground and her friends were telling her to get a move on. Ah, the dumb freshmen. I'm just glad I wasn't that stupid looking and drunkard. haha

Free Cookies and Lemonade

Sam, David, Harry and I went exploring around campus yesterday. Since it was move-in day for freshman, we 'snuck' into some buildings. We went to Courtney's hall (lol...pun) but she wasn't there, so we posed as freshman and ate some cookies and drank lemonade. Then we went over to our old building, Rienda, for nostalgic purposes; it was weird. Then we got Icees (yum) and went to the pool. Later was a night bike ride to the big kids park.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

IKEA = hot swedish girls

Yesterday was saturday, a very boring day, but in the end there was no school thus an alright game. So I decided, with the help of Harry and his Sequoia, to go to IKEA to get some furniture in my room, especially that everyone else in my apartment is moved in nicely except me. Anywho, in IKEA there seems to be a natural tendencies for people from different backgrounds to come, but also the tendency for hot women to come. I have no clue why but it was nice. We also went to the walmart next door to IKEA... some how they had decent good looking girls there too. Probably because that walmart is pretty kick-ass.

Mike Stand

So yesterday I wanted to play guitar and sing in Rockband at the same time. At first, I had the microphone awkwardly placed on my chin, but it would slide around. Then I decided to make a microphone stand. Using one of my crutches, we duct taped the microphone to it and leaned it against a chair. So now I can sing and play. It is awesome.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Move In Day

Today, I moved in, for good. I was hungry after playing tennis, but realized I never went grocery shopping. So, I heated up some frozen chicken strips my Mom gave me before I left. I guess this means I'm a true, starving, college student now. I'm over getting older.


Big shopping day with Amy, Asha and David. David and I didn't buy anything, but just went along for fun. We went to Wal-Mart, and yes, there were some weirdos there. It just never gets boring watching people at the Wal-Mart.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Community Dinner

Today was a big deal for us: we made a dinner as a "family." I made mashed potatoes (that were really good), Harry cooked burgers and Kenny made a salad. It was fantastic, and I felt all grown up and awesome inside.

Sausage fest

So last night was Thirsty Thursdays as they say in College. I was invited to two parties, one at Temescal and another at Arlington. Derek and I decided to scope out the two parties see how they were. Both weren't bad but the party in Arlington, (sharp inhale) wasn't our type of party. I mean yes the girls were of good choice, ones we would talk to and hit on but the guys were the douche bag type. The type that girls like, not us guys who are suave, handsome, and fun loving. thus this party at arlington was a Sausage fest. Even though there were a good amount of girls it just seemed pointless to Derek and I. So we left, regrouped with our good looking friends and headed to the first party. Which was not horrible because we had some good friends to chat with and make jokes.

Party Fun

So we went to a party yesterday. It was way too hot inside the house so we stood outside the front door making life difficult for anyone trying to exit or enter the party. For example, whenever somebody would come out of the house, we (like 9 of us) would all purposely change spots, getting in the way of the person leaving so that it would be an annoying crowd for them to dodge. We thought we were so cool.


Don't you hate it when you get to the end of a bag of cereal and all that is left are the smaller crumby pieces. You wind up having about half a bowl of cereal full before you get to the bottom of the bag and you have to decide whether you are going to fill the rest with that small crumby stuff, or to have a small unsatisfying bowl. It always happens that those small bits always get soggy quickly and ruin the rest of your cereal too. It's just a bad way to start your morning with soggy cereal.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Now that I'm a second year in college, I've pretty much had to cook all of my meals for myself. Although I wouldn't even call it cooking, more preparing foods. The only things I've actually cooked were brownies and seven layer bars with Harry, everything else has either been microwaveable or reheated lol. Kenny on the other hand is like a master chef compared to me. He marinated chicken one night for the next day! Holy cow I will never be able to do that for myself this year. Kenny, just promise me that you'll at least cook our family meals every once in a while so we can have some of your delicious looking food too!

Chem Day

I learned me some chemistry today. Woo hoo. I hate it already. Alicia visited, we played cornhole. Then we went to Eshan's like always. Always fun.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls are truely insane and are on Crack

Why are girls so weird. Granted I did make the group: Girls are on crack but seriously, they just don't make sense. My pseudo-girlfriend who I treated with all the respect and honesty just like an actual boyfriend would, broke our relationship saying "we didn't want the same thing" and " you deserve better". Now let me get this straight, the girl I like, I CAN'T deserve? I mean there are REASONS for liking some one, hence making me deserve this girl. And also, "we want different things in this relationship"? I mean come on! I wanted her! Just to be with her, to hang out with her, to enjoy time with her no matter how awkward it can be. This is why I believe even more that girls are on crack and that I don't know what to do about them. If a girl makes sense, I will take back what I've said, but otherwise, Girls: make up your effing mind!!!!!!

Yet Another Boring Day with randomness

Well living in college, by yourself is, well what it is. You're on your own, living by yourself, unless with roommates but essentially its by yourself. With school starting around the corner, the weeks before seem mundane and stupid. The sad reality is watching the flies try to escape into the open air... When I say try I mean make wild loop-de-loops, aimlessly at the moronic screen which is right in front of them. But what made today interesting was my soccer practice.... We have two goal keepers, myself and this guy named George. George, is what we would call a character. He slow, tries hard but doesn't make sense. Now the reason why I call him a character is that today he made a remark. Not a foul one, not a stupid one, but one that I took to offense. Why did I take it to offense? Let me tell you the events of what happened. We were playing field positions, everyone of us. I was working my ass of while this guy stood there with the blankest look on his face like a dumb jock trying to understand algebra. Also, this guy is what we would call an "Addy". He has no competitiveness or balance and this is what he said when I said: "You know we keepers need to understand how to play the field too." guess what he said: " Same to you."
That ticked me off, I mean if I didn't have self restraint that guy would have the sorriest look on his face with nice black and blue eyes. Oh, might I add he's a FOURTH YEAR!!!!! wth.

More than Yesterday

Today I had cereal for dinner. Welcome to college life I suppose. Oh and KevJumba lives in my apartment complex (non-excited yay). And I bought a new tube for my bike and installed it; hopefully it won't go flat. My toast just popped.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Purple Shirt

I wore my purple t-shirt yesterday. Too bad I didn't hardly leave the house to show it off. Lame.


Not much happened yesterday; watched Del Potro beat Federer, watched the chargers beat the raiders and went to the supermarket for the first time to buy groceries for myself. It obviously wasn't the first time grocery shopping, just the first time where i could buy whatever i wanted to eat. It's nice that i didn't have to cry for that candy bar I always wanted, but it's still my money in the end.

Mosquitos Suck

The mosquito that has plagued me and Dave these past few days will get its just end. I will smash it to a thousand gooey pieces for the itch it has caused me. Damn it to hell. Kenny might have got it though.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blink 182 Concert

Last night a few of us went to the Blink 182/Weezer concert which was amazing! But one thing with concerts (and most public events), is that it was also filled with lots of weird people. One guy, while sitting in traffic on the freeway, decided he needed to use the restroom. He jumped out of the car and began urinating on the side of a business building off the side of the road. If you have to jump out of your car to relieve yourself, you must really have to go... he certainly did... it took him awhile.

blink 182 concert!

It rained the entire concert, but we were under a cover (by about 4 rows) WHAT UP! Sucks for all the thousands of people that got soaked. The concert was awesome! Blink-182 even gave away a couple of their guitars to people in the crowd, but I guess you had to have boobs to get them. Lucky groupie girls...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aggie Football

Today a few of us went to our first Aggie football game of the new season (apparently it was also Eshan's first aggie football game). Anyway well the Aggies were behind by a touchdown (like always) and were driving down the field with a few minutes left in the game for a chance to tie, when the lights of the stadium turned off! This stopped the game and ultimately stopped the Aggies momentum when they failed to convert a fourth down on the resuming play. I'd like to blame the lights for the Aggies loss but it's a bad excuse for the suckiness of our football team.


Today David and I were playing catch with the football in the parking lot and he hit a car on accident. It beeped.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bowling Weirdos

We went bowling yesterday and saw some weird people there. In the lane next to us was a leash kid who really wanted to escape (who's mom was fat and wearing zebra patterned shirt). We also saw a creepy guy there wearing a tuxedo and top hat with bunny ears- like a playboy bunny but a man. Gross. And the people bowling next to us had names of Keke, Zafa and Jeffie.

Friday, September 11, 2009


We finally got internet today! Ah sooooo exciting! We also got cable. It is kinda pathetic how we were going crazy for 4 days without it, but whatever. We even have furniture now. Amazing, I know.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dave arrived

Dave got here! Yay! We are like peas and carrots again. Anyways, we went to Eshan's and watched The Emperor's New Groove- I was surprised at how many people (especially Derek) knew all the lines. Crazy. Wiener wiener (haven't done that in a while). inside joke. lol

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Two

So we found our first cockroach in the apartment today. Surprisingly, it was in the sink. That made it easy, because we garbage disposaled that pesky little piece of crap.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moving In

I moved all of my stuff in yesterday, but our apartment has no furniture. I don't even have a bed yet, so I have to sleep on the floor. Yay carpet.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jury Duty

Last Monday, I had to fulfill my civic duty as an American Citizen. I was called into jury duty. First of all, it was in Oakland (about 45 minutes away from my house), and I had to be there at 8:30am. For a college student during the Summertime that is WAY too early-especially for me, since we all know I'm a bum. Anyway, I made it there on time, and sat in the jury room, waiting, and waiting, for them to call my name. As I was waiting, I looked around to see if I knew anybody, and I did recognize a guy from my hometown, but did not talk to him. So about 15 minutes into the wait an older, African-American man sat next to me. Naturally, we started talking. I got to know a lot about him. He lives in Hayward, works at UC Berkeley in the DC, served in the Navy, and has carpal tunnel in his right wrist. After chatting for a bit, he introduced himself. His name was Pearl...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Am I Allowed to Start??

kyle...can i talk about my new bff pearl, or are we waiting until we get up to school?