Thursday, January 6, 2011

Low Dee High, High Dee Low

High: This week is almost over and I finally got some of my books in the mail!
Low: This week was RIDICULOUSLY BUSY. The only sitting I did on Wednesday was in class.
Low turned into a High: My car was dying but it's all better!

I hope everyone had a good first week of school! For Jac, I hope it was as good as it could get, considering that it's still school and school sucks.


  1. HAHAHA, Shannon, thank you for the shout out and making me laugh out loud. I completely get the busy part...because mine has been like that too! And I'm glad your car is better :)

    High: Seeing some of my basketball girls from last year and hearing about their lives. AND no class Friday's :)
    Low: Class starting and already having a ton of reading.
    High or Low?: Making one of my freshman cry which subsequently led her to quit. (Maybe there's a story to this? ;))

  2. hahahaha thats awesome. it's not over till Jac makes somebody cry. I want to hear this story!