Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey I'm Over Here Too

Ever feel like your professor is lecturing just at you like you're the only one in the room. Well, since my bio professor likes to use the chalk board, his back is always pointing towards the class. This means that any time he wants to address the class he awkwardly looks over his right shoulder and stares at the same 6 students or so since he can't strain his neck to face the entire class. It's pretty intimidating for those few students since they have to act like they're paying attention to everything he says. He also tends to ask a lot of questions ensure that the class is following along. This means that those 6 students have to nod their head constantly trying to show that they understand. But it's more than he just looks at them; he stares at them like they're the only one's in the room (unless you're that one kid who constantly asks questions and tries to correct the teacher in 2 of my lectures, then he recognizes you, but that's for another blog...). Whatever you do just don't sit in those few seats...

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