Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Still On Break

Class from 9-10am. Bowling P.E. from 10 - 11am. Work-out at the ARC, lunch at the DC, nap at home and sit around doing whatever I want (doing laundry, drawing cartoons, playing guitar and going to a flag football playoff game at night (which we won bt dubs)). That was my day, and notice how the word "study" is not included. Excellent.


  1. My Monday: Class from 8am-10am, Work on 3 term papers from 10am-2:40pm. Go to basketball practice from 2:40pm-5:15pm, go to second basketball practice from 5:15-7:15. Get home at 7:45, eat dinner, continue to work on term papers. Go to bed.

    Cherish your free time, Kyle.