Monday, September 20, 2010

You Should Stop And Ask For Directions

Yesterday, Kyle, Jason, and I finished the world's largest corn maze in the world! Besides the fact that it was pretty muddy and destroyed our shoes, it was really fun. Maybe it was the heat, or the fact that we were in the maze for nearly two hours, but the maze transforms you into a different person (if you know what I mean). Even with a map it wasn't all that easy to know where you're going. We tried to go as far as we could without the map and we ended back at the beginning three times. You think you have a good sense of direction, but you can toss that right out the window when all the walls and paths look the same.


  1. i know the secret to every corn maze :x

  2. DUDE! THATS AWESOME! im kind of mad that i havent checked it out myself in the past two years ive been in davis..