Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Think You're Old?

The other day I made the usual trip back at the golf course trying to get in some extra hours. However since it's winter, (and super rainy) the days are much shorter making it hard to golf as it gets later in the day, meaning there are few hours to work if any. Anyways as I get there I find that an old man had lost control of his golf cart and drove over two curbs and crashed into the garage door of the cart barn. He was driving fast enough to push the garage door inwards a foot or two and make everything on the inside of the barn go crashing across the floor. He actually hit someone on his rampage across the course but everyone was ok after the incident. This guy was about 85 and didn't have a driver's license so it scares me what he would be like behind the wheel of a real car or even what he did to lose it.

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