Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Old.

I hate getting old. I'm sure you can relate to that one, Jac. It's just that everything is different now, especially during the holidays. Beck, the youngest, is now 15 years old, and this is the first year that we aren't doing stockings. In previous years, Christmas morning looked a little something like this: Beck wakes us all up at the crack of dawn. We all walk downstairs and gather in the kitchen, drinking coffee and waiting for parents to wake up a bit. After getting the OK from parents, we all proceed into the living room to grab 'n' dump out our stockings. They always had really good stuff in 'em like candy and chapstick and gum and headbands. Then we'd move on to the bigger and better presents. But THIS year, we just have to jump right in! I guess it's way better than no presents at all. But the point is that these changes wouldn't be taking place if Beck (and the rest of us) weren't all getting OLDER. It's just a big fat bummer.

In other news, I'll be 21 soon. So I guess there's perks to that too.


  1. awww i thought you guys were still going to do stockings :( yes i can relate to how much getting old sucks. christmas is just awkward for my family now! i am sorry that beck is growing up :(

    in other news, I FINALLY GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!!

  2. Yeah my brothers and I used to do stalkings but we just started to creep the neighbors a bit too much... Oh wait other stockings, Yeah we haven't done those either. It's partially because we are all so busy that we hardly are prepared for Christmas in the first place but yeah we're all getting older.

  3. hahahaha stalkings. oh david. so funny.