Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maybe Next Time

"I want just ONE time for my bag to be the first one off of the carousel" I said to David as we waited anxiously for our luggage. He nodded in agreement. The long, delayed flight was over, yet we yearned for our bags - the final key before we could step outside into Winter Break Freedom. Then the bag ramp started moving, the carousel turning with anticipation. The first item came up; I recognized it immediately. "I win!" shouted David as he bounced over to his black Nike bag and snagged it from the rotation. His radiant smile gleamed, and I could do nothing but pretend I was happy for him. So there I stood in astonished disappointment and waited, bag after bag, until mine finally appeared. So close. Maybe next time.


  1. did he really bounce? and was his smile really radiant?

  2. Indeed he did, and absolutely it was. You should have been there- it was quite magical.

  3. Yes I think I'll also squealed like a little girl too... but seriously it was pretty cool