Friday, September 18, 2009

Sausage fest

So last night was Thirsty Thursdays as they say in College. I was invited to two parties, one at Temescal and another at Arlington. Derek and I decided to scope out the two parties see how they were. Both weren't bad but the party in Arlington, (sharp inhale) wasn't our type of party. I mean yes the girls were of good choice, ones we would talk to and hit on but the guys were the douche bag type. The type that girls like, not us guys who are suave, handsome, and fun loving. thus this party at arlington was a Sausage fest. Even though there were a good amount of girls it just seemed pointless to Derek and I. So we left, regrouped with our good looking friends and headed to the first party. Which was not horrible because we had some good friends to chat with and make jokes.

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