Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yet Another Boring Day with randomness

Well living in college, by yourself is, well what it is. You're on your own, living by yourself, unless with roommates but essentially its by yourself. With school starting around the corner, the weeks before seem mundane and stupid. The sad reality is watching the flies try to escape into the open air... When I say try I mean make wild loop-de-loops, aimlessly at the moronic screen which is right in front of them. But what made today interesting was my soccer practice.... We have two goal keepers, myself and this guy named George. George, is what we would call a character. He slow, tries hard but doesn't make sense. Now the reason why I call him a character is that today he made a remark. Not a foul one, not a stupid one, but one that I took to offense. Why did I take it to offense? Let me tell you the events of what happened. We were playing field positions, everyone of us. I was working my ass of while this guy stood there with the blankest look on his face like a dumb jock trying to understand algebra. Also, this guy is what we would call an "Addy". He has no competitiveness or balance and this is what he said when I said: "You know we keepers need to understand how to play the field too." guess what he said: " Same to you."
That ticked me off, I mean if I didn't have self restraint that guy would have the sorriest look on his face with nice black and blue eyes. Oh, might I add he's a FOURTH YEAR!!!!! wth.

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