Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blood Drive

Today I donated blood and saved three lives! I also got paid in delicious snacks and drinks.


  1. I DID THAT TOO!! and while i was sitting at the snack table, a kid at the next table over passed out. you know how they're constantly asking, "are you okay? do you need more juice? donuts? ARE YOU OKAY?" well i guess that's why. so they can tell whether or not you're responding to things. this kid didn't answer when they asked him questions and was just staring off into space. they laid him down on a yoga mat and propped his feet up. then later he said to me, "yeah one minute i was fine, eating my donut and drinking my juice, and the next i was on the floor!"
    moral: it could happen to anyone.

  2. beware the dangers...
    also, i had a funny thought: what if the kid didn't just give blood, but instead it was some sort of American stereotype thing where you had to sit at a table and eat donuts and cookies and drink juice and people kept asking if you were okay. Like if you didn't eat up they thought something was wrong with you. Anybody understand what I'm trying to say?

  3. haha yeah like they monitor your every move and if you aren't eating all your food then something is obviously the matter with you.