Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had a dream last night and I actually remembered it this morning! So here it is, for all to enjoy. Asha wanted to get booze for some girls night we had planned so she asked a friend of hers who was played by this girl that went to my high school. She was a friend of a friend, so I don't even know her name, but I think it's really interesting that she was in my dream. She turned out to be setting us up.. Like she told the cops that we were trying to get some alcohol. So when I went out to the parking lot to meet whoever it was and perform our shady little exchange, all these cops jumped out of nowhere and arrested me (doesn't really make sense because I hadn't done anything wrong at that point.. but whatever). Then the cop that was handcuffing me was really worried about whether or not they were too tight and whether I was comfortable or not. I thought that was strange. And then I think we just drove away and I looked out the window and saw the girl who ratted me out hiding behind a bush. And I think that's all I remember.

I think it'd be funny if you were having a dream in which the police yelled out, "Put your hands above your head!" and you woke up with them like that.

Also, sidenote: There was a blind gentleman on my bus this morning and he was wearing a watch. I'm curious about how that works. Maybe it makes sounds or something.


  1. well said... i suck at telling people what happened in my dreams.
    and maybe the watch just makes him look cool?

  2. Yeah, usually my dreams don't make any sense, except when I'm sleeping