Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Double-U Tee Eff

As it explains in the title, this blog is about weather. Today's patterns were probably the most sporadic that we've had in a while and, knock on wood, will have for a while. When I walked into European History this morning there was complete cloud cover and random bursts of downpour. After hearing a lecture on the uprisings in 1968, I left Giedt 1002 to see blue skies and sunshine. Which was nice. The nice weather continued through my hour break and up until I went into Dutton Hall to tutor European History. Inclosed inside the individual appointment room, without windows, I could not see the happenings on the sky. But while walking across the quad from tutoring to US History it started to down pour, lightning struck, and low and behold thunder cracked soon after. Being lectured on women's suffrage, not sufferage as our professor noted, I completely forgot about the wacky weather. When I left, following the trend, it had cleared up yet again. I formed the theory that history classes change the weather as I walked by the Silo to pick up my Astronomy paycheck. Well that hypothesis was quickly proved wrong as I stepped outside of the Physics building only to see extreme cloud cover and more rain. I silently cursed mother nature as I trudged to the bus stop.


  1. please donate to help prevent women's suffrage. they've suffraged enough throughout the years.

  2. oh and harry- maybe you shouldn't walk in and out of buildings for a while