Monday, April 26, 2010


Most epic thing ever happened today, and I'm gonna tell you all about it. I was biking along Hutchinson from the SciLab towards LaRue on my way home. I was nearing the softball fields next to the parking structure when I noticed some guy looking up to the sky and putting his hands out together in a catching motion. Apparently there was a foul ball from one of the softball games about to land in the street. By some miracle of perfect timing, as I was biking by, I saw the ball hit the sidewalk and bounce towards me. I reached out my left hand and caught the ball as I was biking, then threw it back to them as I continued on my way - all without stopping or maneuvering my bike in any special direction. Everybody cheered in amazement. Not to sound all conceited, but it was well deserved. Not just because I caught it, but because of how it had to be perfect timing for me to catch it. If I had taken longer to unlock my bike, for example, it never would have happened and the ball would have bounced across the street.