Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bunsen Burned

Worst experience in chemistry lab ever. Some demon of bad luck seemed to be against my lab partner and I, as we practically messed up every other step of the procedure. Here's the cliff notes: We first made the wrong amount of solution and had to remake it all (which included re-weighing out some more solid to dilute in it). We had to make a boiling water bath for one of the flasks, but it took us about 4 tries to get an amount of water that worked (in terms of being able to hold the flask properly). After boiling the solution for 10 minutes, I took it out of the boiling beaker and proceeded to spill almost all of it on the lab bench, forcing us to remake it again. Later, we had to record wavelength absorbance at a bunch of different wavelengths; we got halfway through Part 1 before realizing we forgot to dilute the solution we were analyzing and had to start that part over. Then while putting some mixture into test tubes, an empty one rolled off the counter and shattered. And finally, while doing the last part of the lab, we dumped out some of the solution into a waste container too soon, and realized right afterwards that we still needed it for a couple more measurements, but it was gone forever. Thank God the we didn't make the room explode or something. Sheesh.

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  1. Nah, I'm pretty sure you exhausted all of your bad luck for one day.