Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Professor Props

So as the end of the quarter draws to a close, the ritual of filling out instructor evaluations begins. Today, in US History, we filled out the red tape bureaucratic form for Professor Rauchway even though we still have two days left. Regardless, after we turned in the forms our professor gave the traditional post-evaluation speech but with a twist. He thanked the class for putting up with him, especially because he had just undergone heart surgery two weeks before the quarter began. Now this is my third and final class with this professor, and I did not notice any change between awesome lectures on World War II last winter and his awesome lectures on the Gilded Age this spring. Props Professor Rauchway, twas an awesome quarter.

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  1. Yeah I've had Dr. Nasiri for three quarters now, but I can't say that I've enjoyed her as much as you did with Rauchway. He guest lectured in my history class first quarter and I have to admit that he was pretty good.