Monday, May 10, 2010

Good (?) Morning

Does anyone else have trouble making friends in their first class of the day?? I always do. Mostly because 1) I never want to be there and 2) I just don't talk to people when I'm still waking up. Ordinarily, I'm pretty good at striking up a conversation, and making an in-class friend. However, I always struggle with the first class of the day. Amazingly, today I finally made a friend. It only took 7 weeks. No big deal.


  1. sheesh. your class is at 10. I have a hard time believing you can't be awake by that time. but way to make new friends.

  2. it's not the fact that it's at 10, it'd be any time in the morning. if i got up at like 7 to get ready for my 10am class, i'd probably be awake...but who does that? i get up at the last possible minute :)

  3. can't blame ya there... i'm pretty sure everyone except Kenny gets up at the last minute