Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Puff Daddy Evolution

So we all know Sean Combs. Well maybe not the name, but you definitely know who he is. While he did go by that name at the beginning of his career, it soon became Puff Daddy. But that grew old quickly, so it became P. Diddy. No wait Diddy. No wait...Sean John?? This guy must be going through an identity crisis because he can't seem to keep his name straight. Anyway, one student in my World Civ class has dragged me through the same name changing process. On day one of this internship way back in January, Mr. Reilly introduced me to the class as Mr. Shontz. That name lasted about five minutes and I was Harry as I walked out of the first class. Harry stuck, go figure, for a few weeks until one student David called me H-Dog (it may be dawg, I'll have to check the spelling). But it was my nickname on the swim team back home so I responded without thinking, and that name stuck for even longer. This week an new name surfaced when David, yet again, called out YO H! Now my bio teacher, and the whole class, senior year called me this so once again I responded without thinking and it has lasted for the past few days. If David tries to add a new one to the list I'll probably end up telling him my first name is, ironically, David as well and that the name changer has the same name as the changee. Either way I have been reduced to one letter. Don't really think I can go any further so try and beat that Sean Combs.


  1. haha rolling on the floor laughing copter. good interesting blooog

  2. haha this was very entertaining, harry. i mean H.

  3. yeah it could be a real problem if everyone just changed their name around all the time