Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amazing Catch: The Sequel. The Catch Strikes Back

So not too long ago I wrote about an incredible catch I had while biking past a softball game. For those of you that don't recall, I was biking by a game, caught a foul ball as I biked, threw it back and continued on my way, all in one motion. Well today, against all odds, the catch has returned, though not to me. Again it was in softball, and my supervisor friend, Will, got into the 'Gator' golf cart thing to drive over to another field. As he drove away, a foul ball was hit along the first base line. He looked back, hesitated for a second, then caught the ball out of the air AS HE WAS DRIVING. He threw it back to the field amongst cheers and claps of admiration (deservedly so- it was stupendous) and continued driving away. The crazy thing was- not 10 minutes earlier I was telling him about my biking catch! How ironic.

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  1. Awesome dude! It's good that you got to tell him your story before it happened, otherwise it wouldn't have been as epic.