Saturday, July 3, 2010

... Where Do I Go?

I am continually surprised at how many people are unaware of how movie theaters work. On many occasions, people come inside the theater, walk up to the concession stand, and say, "Yeah, we'd like two tickets for [movie title]. Thanks." At that point, I get to inform them that tickets are sold outside at the box office. I kind of thought that was the typical location.


  1. don't they have to get a ticket to get into the movie theater? like as soon as they enter the door, they have to have a ticket, right? people are so special....

  2. I believe that at this particular theater, G street, the ticket takers are next to the concession stand right at the cusp of the hallway to all the different theaters, instead of at the first door to the entire building. So, the absent-minded human being could easily miss the ticket office tucked away in the corner outside the theater, and just assume that the tickets are purchased inside at concessions, since it is possible to walk into the lobby without needing a ticket. There is actually a movie theater in San Diego where the tickets are bought inside, but you would think people would notice big signs that say TICKETS on them. Oh well. I suppose people sometimes go into "cruise mode" and don't notice their surroundings.

    P.S. Sorry my comment is so long. I haven't really typed anything in a while (including blogs... my bad) and I've been studying organic chemistry all day so I'm a little brain dead, but feel intelligent, which is why I'm using so many "big" words like 'cusp.'
    That's all I have to say about that.

  3. well technically, cusp is only 4 letters, so it's really not that big :) but i get your point.