Monday, July 12, 2010

Car Wash or Time Travel Machine?

I had been rather neglectful of my car's exterior the past few days, so I decided it was time to give it a bath. Like everything else at Costco, the have a cheap car-wash which you get to ride through while you're inside the car (as opposed to riding outside the car (duh)). (sidenote: I just thought I'd comment on something I'd written, and not change it kind of like a live commentary; and now I'm rambling, and now I'm back). It was my first time, so I assumed It would be cool and I'd be able to see everything as my car gets washed; however I quickly realized that the car gets covered with soap and it gets really dark and hard to see anything at all. At the very end, when the car is getting blow dried, it looks like you're going into hyper drive or something in outer space and all the stars are rushing past you when all of the water droplets are pushed off of your car.

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  1. i love those things! especially the octopus arms. frickin awesome.