Sunday, July 4, 2010

Full Day on my Plate with No Leftovers

So yesterday I was gone pretty much the ENTIRE day. I left my apartment at 7:45 am to bike to campus (I've become Kenny recently, in terms of biking to-and-from campus a lot; however, I don't ride on 'wings of love') Anyways, I worked the youth flag football camp until 'noon-thirty' then attended an organic chemistry review session from one until three, then proceeded to go to my friends apartment to study (not a,b,c) but o-chem, for about, let's say... 5 more hours. So folks, that's a grand total of 7 hours of organic chemistry in one day. WOW! Asha then picked me up from the Colleges (where I was) and we drove to Sam's house in Auburn. It was pretty fun; those are all the details you get. Well, I guess I'll tell you my dinner consisted of chips and salsa, a hot pocket and criss-cut fries - can you say healthy college student??? Haha. We stayed until midnight, then drove back to Davis; my approximate time of arrival was 1 am. WOWZER! Long, fun day. Today, however, was the complete opposite (in a way). I lounged around in the apartment all day, desperately trying to study. Trying, but not always succeeding. Thats it.

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