Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aqua Stung

Today I was washing some windows for my grandparents and the garden hose decided to pick a fight with me.
I held the inactive and coiled-up hose lightly in my right hand and turned the knob a tad to the lefty loosey side, expecting an average amount of water to begin pouring out. Instead, the hose began writhing around like a snake, immediately blasting some hot water into my face, slipping out of my hand, and going crazy. I couldn't escape; water soaking me in random spots as I tried desperately to get away from its fury. I eventually broke free, but alas, my iPod headphones didn't make it. Poor guys, they got ripped from their comfortable connection and left behind amidst the angry demon. I hated that thing. I had to save them.
In a move of immense bravery, I maneuvered amongst the blows of the hose to reach the headphones. I lifted them from their watery grave, droplets still raining down upon me. Then I reached the knob, the life-force of the hose, and turned it righty-tighty as hard as I could, ensuring it would no longer wreak its hydro-havoc on me ever again.
I gathered myself, dried off a bit, then tamed that damn hose in order to finish washing those cursed windows.

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