Friday, August 6, 2010

I Love My Job

I agree, David. We've been laggin' it. So this evening I was working door and my coworkers and I had begun cleaning up the concession area when this chick came up to us and said, "Hi. I think there's a girl passed out in the bathroom." I went to investigate and saw her sitting on the floor of one of the stalls. "Is everything okay in there?" I asked. She replied, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to get this out." She then proceeded to puke and I went to grab a cup of water for her. Water makes everything better when you're puking. So as I was giving her the cup, I thought to myself, "Thank god she made it to the bathroom." I decided to leave her alone because I wasn't going to do much good standing outside the stall waiting for her. Besides, I still had a few theater checks I needed to do. I grabbed the awesome lightsaber thing (or flashlight. whatever.) and my clipboard and headed down the hall. I opened the door to Auditorium 3, rounded the corner, and BAM. Vomit. A nice, wide spread of it. I don't know what she ate for dinner, but the smell of it was quite pungent. So I gathered a shitload of cleaning supplies and went at it. Where's the upside to this, you ask? I got employee points for cleaning it up. I think I get to use those for stuff like free tickets.


  1. "thank god she made it in the bathroom" ahahah you were doomed the moment you thought that.
    but keep earning those employee points girl! i sense an employee of the month award any time now

  2. You better get to use those employee points for something cause I know I've never been able to use my brownie points

  3. why are they even called brownie points? they definitely aren't redeemable for brownies... which they definitely should be (at least)