Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Tried to Be a Badass

This is another excerpt from the concert. As you know I wasn't allowed in, but that didn't stop me from trying to get in and see the band anyways. I found a secret way through the main fence; it was the paramedics entrance. I almost squeezed through the port-a-potties, I almost climbed the bleachers. Almost. However, on one side, there was an opening between some bleachers from which I could see the concert pretty well, considering I was banned. I stood there in the shadows, thinking I found a way to surpass the system.
It all went well for a few songs, but then some snobby, big-mouthed bitch with a clipboard and a flash light came over to me. She asked if I had a ticket. I said yes. I then explained that I couldn't get in since I wasn't 21, even though I had a ticket, and thought that it would be okay to watch from there since I definitely couldn't get any alcohol from where I was (there was a barrier separating it from the main seating area).
"You have to get out" she replied. Just like that. And there I was expecting to MAYBE get some compassion or understanding. I told her that I wasn't hurting anyone from where I was, and that there was no other way for me to see the concert. "You have to get out" she repeated, so mean and big-mouthed. I pleaded my case again. Then she said that the area was reserved for paramedics and they needed the area clear.
YOU THINK I WOULDN'T MOVE?!!? I mean she was probably right, since normally when I see cars I stand in front of them, especially ones with flashing lights and sirens. Isn't that what everybody does? I wanted to scream at her, but just shook my head left, and the chain linked gate of unfairness clanked closed behind me.

P.S. The paramedics weren't even needed- I mean, it was HUEY LEWIS for christ sake, the 50 year old guy who's music is soul blues rock. It's not like Snoop Dogg was onstage passing out heroin.

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