Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Scarlet "U"

So I was really excited to go to a Huey Lewis & the News concert at Harrah's Rincon Casino last night. First off, I find casinos really interesting; I love the atmosphere, and watching the people at the slot machines think they have a chance. Anyways, the theater where the concert was was outside, so we picked up our tickets and headed over there. However, upon looking at the tickets, I saw that it said "21 and Over" on it- the three worst words to my ears (for another 6 months).
My dad and I were mad, mostly because we scoured the website and it said nothing about age restrictions. So I decided to try to lie my way through. It almost worked, but my dad kinda gave it away and I didn't have an ID anyways. My dad even talked to the 'event coordinator' lady, and there was nothing they could do. I wasn't allowed in. I felt it rather lame that just because they served alcohol inside I wasn't allowed to see the concert. And I wasn't the only one- it happened to a few other kids who were also 20.
But honestly, it's just their laziness that doesn't let me in. I didn't go there to drink alcohol, I went there to see a concert. Give me a big damn shirt that says 'Underage' or a freakin' bright neon yellow hat, some colored wrist bands, tie my hands behind my back- something! It seems a waste to restrict people from enjoying a band like that when they could just make the people selling the drinks check ID's instead. I know Huey Lewis and the News have been selling records for over 30 years, but that doesn't mean all of their fans are old farts who wanted to get wasted.

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  1. thats so shitty! im sorry that happened. you were so excited about seeing them! fucking age limits. ugh.