Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey Is It Loud Enough?

So this little tid-bit happened on the bus yesterday as well (seems to be a pattern). Anyways, I hopped on the always-crowded 6 o'clock bus home and luckily found a seat near the front. Like it is with most crowded buses, there was a lot of ambient noise, like people talking, the bus farting and random shuffling. However, amongst all that noise, I could still hear music from this girl's ipod. She wasn't sitting next to me, but was across the bus. ACROSS THE BUS. They weren't heavy duty ear-buds either, just plain old ipod ones. I'm pretty sure she had the volume turned all the way up, and wouldn't even be able to hear a fire-alarm if it went off right next to her face - that's how loud it was. I could pick out the lyrics to songs I had never heard before - that's also how loud it was. She was a perfect example of how to sustain massive ear trauma, and how to prepare for a future of hearing-aids and saying "what?" all the time.

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  1. They might as well have brought a radio on the bus for all to hear