Saturday, October 30, 2010


This morning I was worked the badminton tournament in the pavillion, which was actually pretty neat. It kinda reminded me of those basketball tournaments that I used to go to where you stay at the gym all day and play like 5 games a day and loaf around in between. Some people actually brought inflatable mattresses in case they had to stay awhile and got tired. I think there were 18 courts going all at once, all day so it can get pretty intense. Anyways, I got to work with the president of the badminton club to make sure everything was running smoothly, whose name was Fanny. As funny as that name is, it gets better. She was wearing a club sweatshirt which had her name and initials on it which read: F. Yu. Pretty much the best name ever.


  1. Actually it's kind of like a compliment to other people too... like "I'm a fan of you" (Fanny Yu) hehehe