Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Shannon Ate A Bone

I swallowed a chicken bone at dinner tonight. It was a small, sharp, dagger of a bone, and it got stuck in my throat for a little bit (kind of like a toothpick sideways in your cheeks). I was able to breathe and everything, but even after I got the bone down it felt like there was something there. I think it's just residual pain. Luckily, the people around me assured me that they would've been able to perform the heimlich maneuver if it had come to that. Next time I'll be sure to sift through my chicken before just goin' at it.


  1. oh my gosh haha, I want to laugh but it probably hurts, sorry.
    P.S. The title has win written all over it

  2. Yes, props to you for this title. Also, I am First Aid and CPR certified, so just in case you need a hand, I'll happily assist. Did I mention that my certifications are from online classes and I actually have NO experience practicing? Oh well, I guess they'll still let me coach.