Monday, October 25, 2010

Vets of the Mile High Club

I sat next to this PDA-friendly couple on my flight back from Seattle yesterday. Actually, I'd say they were PDA-enthusiasts. They were fairly old (the guy looked like the dad from 3rd Rock From the Sun.. the chin, specifically) and were talking about pretty inappropriate things for being with the same people for an hour and a half flight. I half expected them to get up and make good use of the closet-sized bathrooms. Let's just say that "whispering" about the things he wanted to do to her was loud enough for one of the women in front of me to casually turn around and provide an pretty obvious look of disapproval. As disturbing as it was, I actually found the situation kind of hilarious. The couple, members of this woman's own generation, were making her look bad. She probably should've given them a stern talking to.


  1. ahaha that's hilarious. It would have been creepy (but funny) if you just stared at them to see if they noticed. Because if they said something like, "Um... excuse me?" then you could tell them to get a goddam room if they didn't want people to look. However, it sounds like the experience would be disturbing, because your description makes them sound like the couple that likes to have a video camera on a tripod in the bedroom, with whip cream and chocolate sauce and plastic toys. Gross.

  2. Dude that's so awkward! And once you start to hear what they were talking about, you couldn't just stop listening. It's like that kind of conversation just sucks you in.