Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Don't you hate it when you have chicken nuggets or fries, or any consumable substance that requires dipping into a delectable sauciness, and you run out of sauce just before you run out of your food? What I'm talking about is when you have only one or two chicken nuggets left and you run out of ketchup. Happened to me. I always try dipping the nugget into the empty space where the ketchup used to be until I see that the ketchup doesn't magically appear. Whenever I only have a couple chicken nuggets left, I always feel so lazy to get a little bit of ketchup. Is it really worth it for the last two nuggets, but I feel so empty if the last couple are lacking in tastiness. I'm always afraid that if I do get up to get the ketchup, I'll get way too much and I"ll end up just wasting it. Ugh such a hard decision for a little ketchup.

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