Friday, October 30, 2009

Whisper? Not Really I Guess...

There was a girl sitting a row in front of us in biology today with a her laptop. We noticed her desktop background was a photo of herself (like a close-up smoochy face photo) which is unacceptable. I proceeded to make some comment about how ridiculous it was (in a whisper) and then something about how the photo was way prettier than she was in real life (a messed up thing to say I know). The problem was that she was sitting right in front of us, and I didn't really use the most quiet whisper in the world. A minute after my comment she started rummaging through her photos on her computer (most of them of her) several times through. After a while she chose a photo of some guy in U.S. Army camouflage as her new background, which means she totally heard what I said. So if you see a story in the newspaper about a girl who killed herself because of a rude comment... it was my bad.

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