Thursday, December 3, 2009


I was printing out fliers for Jasmine in Rose's office and happened to mention that Jasmine likes to hug people. Apparently someone who found a cat fitting Jasmine's description last year said the exact same thing. Rose then called her up and got the number of the owner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! I brought Jasmine to the office and before you know it, this sweet old lady came in and started gushing all over saying how much she appreciated our looking after Jasmine. I gave her the extra food and cat litter and she offered to pay me for it, but I declined, saying that it was enough just for us to get to pretend we had a cat for a few days. We continued to talk and hang out a little bit in Rose's office until she decided that it was time to go home and feed her cats (I think we connected on a personal level because I'm the crazy aunt with tons of cats... we totally get each other!) Also, Jasmine's real name is...... SADIE!

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