Tuesday, December 1, 2009

T-day brings .... new tech

soo as we all know, Thanksgiving Day (or as I like to call it, T-day) is a time for family and a lot of food and football. For the college student its also a time for meeting up with old friends to make plans for the winter break. For me, this T-day I did only one of those 4 things, I ate a lot of food. Scrumptious it was, but satisfied I was not. No friends did meet me, no family (apart from immediate which is given) came, and I'm not much of a football fan unless its English football. What did happen on the ending hours of this break, literally 2 hours before I came back to Davis, was the introduction of the new 3GS iPhone. Its a fanatastic piece of equipment and fun, I kid you not. it even has a lightsaber app! :D

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