Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas BREAK

Man, no wonder this is called a "break" because I have had the worst luck lately. I seem to break everything I touch. First, it was my dad's snow globe. It had a tee and golf ball in it, and as I was trying to get the golf ball on the tee (by turning the globe around), the glass cracked. Then it was my brother's car. I used it to do my christmas shopping and when I brought it back, my brother used it to drive his girlfriend home and it broke down on the way and had to be taken to the shop. Then, the day after we get the car back from the shop I get in to drive it, but first decide to adjust the rear-view mirror. As I barely touch it, the mirror pops off and has to be super glued on or something. After all of that, today I was at a restaurant and tried to move a chair that wasn't pushed in and the arm came off. What is going on?!? Seriously people, I guess you shouldn't let me touch your stuff.

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