Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fruit Loop Necklaces

Today for our last discussion/lab in physics we had a potluck to celebrate. Of course everyone is supposed to bring something if you want dibs on any of the other snacks. I got the great idea (from Courtney Hall) to make some super-awesome Fruit Loop (they were actually Silly Circles) necklaces. Anyways a few of us spent some time putting together several necklaces for up to 30 people or so in class. I expected that the necklaces would be a huge hit, because hey, who wouldn't want a super-cool cereal necklace in your college physics class? Turns out only a handful of people grabbed one, so I was left with several extras. It was kind of a fail, although the people that got one did say that they were pretty cool, especially the T.A.

P.S. thanks for all the help to all the guys that helped make the necklaces. Also anyone that wants one can have as many of the necklaces as you want or even some of the left over cereal cause I've got a large bag of it.

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