Monday, January 25, 2010

By Golly!

I've found that the bus is a fantastic source of amusement on days when I really need something to distract me from problematic things such as my life and what the hell I'm doing with it. For instance, on my way home from my abnormal psych class (kind of a scary one because we talked about post traumatic stress disorder and how rape can fall under that category.. scary shit) I got on the Q because the K doesn't get to the MU till like 8:30 and my class ends at 8. So usually when I ride the Q, I sit (1) somewhere near the front because at night it's impossible to see out the window in the back with the unnecessarily bright lights. I also like to sit (2) where I can see the STOP REQUESTED sign because I keep thinking I'm going to pull it too early and it helps if other people pull it first. Finally, I really enjoy sitting (3) facing the windows because you also happen to be facing other people who you can inconspicuously watch (creepy? definitely not). So I got on and sat in one of the first two on the left across from an exceptionally unique individual. He sat in the middle of three seats with his legs as wide as they could go, thus taking up basically the entire bench. Thank god he was wearing pants. He had an interesting mustache going on and was rockin out to who knows what. Soon after I noticed him, an asian girl got on and kind of stood there until he moved one of his legs. Right away I knew he was of the asian persuasion. His body language changed and he wasted no time complementing her on her choice of hello kitty earmuffs. Soon after that, another asian girl got on and sat on his other side. Boy oh boy, was he in heaven. Unfortunately I was unable to appreciate any further interactions between them, as many people began to crowd the standing space inbetween us. I caught glimpses of him chatting them up though. By golly I love people-watching!


  1. People watching is awesome! I never would've thought that guy was a pimp...