Wednesday, January 27, 2010

People All Over The World, Join Hands

Today I had a pretty in-depth conversation with this guy from Ghana, which is located in West Africa. He's here at UCD to study and teach dance (specifically some sort of tribal dance.. I didn't really catch the name). He hasn't seen his family in seven years and says that Davis is much bigger than the village where he grew up. He has worked ridiculously hard to get where he is today and just talking to him made me realize that I've had a hell of a lot handed to me in my lifetime and I'm not so sure I am using it to my advantage. We only talked for 15 minutes or so, but I really feel like the conversation opened up my eyes a little more. There's tons of opportunities and possibilities out there. The challenge we face is to seek them out and make the most of them.

Also, I'm giving blood tomorrow. Or today, I guess. Feel free to join me. If you're man enough.

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