Monday, January 4, 2010

An Odd Question

So I was sitting in my music discussion today, minding my own business in the corner when I hear two people chatting it up a couple of seats down from me. The first question asked? "What year are you?" Upon hearing this, I instantly realized that the two chit-chatters were freshmen, because everyone knows that as a freshman, that's the first question you ask the person sitting next to you, especially when you don't know them. So they exchanged their years (freshmen, like I had assumed), and then a very odd question followed. Now normally, after finding out someone's year, you tend to ask what their major is, and then maybe what classes they're taking (if you're that into them). But no. Not these two! The very next question was "What's your favorite color?" ..... What? Who asks a complete stranger, well, not so much now considering you know what year they are, but regardless, who asks a complete stranger their favorite color? Never have I ever asked a newly found classmate their favorite color! I was very shocked by this question and turned my head towards the naive little freshmen and gave them a look of disgust. I then proceeded to text Shannon, telling her the tale of the two freshmen in my music discussion class. And just like me, she was astounded by the question. Seriously. Who does that? I think the next time I meet somebody new, my second question is going to be "What's your favorite food?" just to be creative. I feel like maybe it'll spice up life a little bit. Or it may just make me look like a complete ri-tard. But anyways, if you must know, the answer was "green." A conversation about the different shades of green was then struck up, and the two freshmen had a good class learning about staves and treble clefs. The end.

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