Friday, January 29, 2010

Epic Bus Ride (I hope I do the story justice)

Okay so this happened a couple days ago, but it was so epic that I think it is still blog-worthy. Once upon a time, Asha and I had to take our biology midterm in different classrooms, but at the same time. Since our respective rooms were on opposite sides of campus, we had to take different buses home when it was over. I hopped on the K-Line at the MU and she the D-Line at the Silo.
Both buses were set to depart at 4:10 pm, so it was a race from the start. "Texting trash" back and forth as our buses rumbled out of the starting gate, I had a feeling this would be a bus ride for the ages. As we continued, we each received word that my bus was at the corner of Russell and LaRue when hers was at Hutchinson and LaRue - perfectly parallel. The race went on. My bus approached the freeway bridge where Asha's D-Line exited its short freeway route. I was anxious, knowing that catching this light could mean victory or defeat. Luckily, my bus caught the light, and we rumbled through the intersection with Asha's bus waiting patiently at the red. "HAHAHA" I thought, and even texted Asha that it was a good race, but I was totally going to win now because both buses have the same stops and my bus was ahead. Boy was I wrong.
At the next stop, with the D-Line pulling in behind us, my bus driver forgot to open the back door to let students out! The extra minute delay cost us, and the D-Line pulled out first and took the lead. "Oh no, it's over now for sure" I thought as I received a taunting text message from Asha. My bus followed the D-Line in shame, and I sulked in irony; I had JUST texted Asha bragging of my imminent victory.
The next stop provided no lead changes; all the while we were getting nearer and nearer to the finish line.
However, at the third to last stop something magical happened. There were cars blocking most of the curbside, so there was only room for one bus to pull next to the bench. Being the first one to the stop, Asha's bus had no choice but to pull in, leaving no room for my K-Line. In a quick maneuver of absolute dexterity, my bus driver zoomed ahead of the D-Line bus and pulled over 25 yards in front, halfway in the street. The D-Line finished unloading passengers first, but could not pass; the K-Line blocked the road!
It was the home stretch, the last sprint, the final lap. My bus was in the lead and could not be overtaken. Luckily nobody pulled the cord for the awkward stop in the middle, and my bus continued on to victory. I got off the bus smiling, looking back at Asha as she walked towards me. Victory.
**Interesting Side-notes:
-Asha and I texted each other the whole ride, so it felt like we were riding with each other even though we obviously weren't.
-Asha said the guy next to her was reading her texts, so he probably thinks we're crazy.

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