Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can I Start You Off With A Combo?

It's been a long-ass time since I've written a blog so here goes nothin'. Lets talk about work, shall we? Since that's the only big thing going on in my life at the moment. So far I've worked as a cashier at the concession stand and an usher. Concession stand is very involved and requires you to ask your coworkers copious amounts of questions. I get to interact with customers which is a good thing except when they're the type of customer who likes to change their mind. Or be impatient. Both are unwelcome in my opinion. Being an usher, on the other hand, is very simple but a lot of grunt work (and yes, the grunts are required). You tear tickets (which can be really tricky when they're in a huge stack or when you didn't make a good enough crease), perform theater checks (AKA strutting through theaters with that awesome baton thingy), and clean shit up. Like theaters, bathrooms, the lobby, lots of windows, dishes at the end of the night, etc. So far, things have been pretty dead around the G St. theater because we have movies like the karate kid and jonah hex. But on June 30th, ALL OF THAT WILL CHANGE. (ha! that sounds like the start of a good preview!) Eclipse is about to make my life and the lives of my coworkers a living hell. So that should be fun. I'll keep ya'll posted on that one. I'm sure there's going to be very noteworthy costumes, people, and conversations to gossip about. Yay!


  1. Do you have to say, "can I start you off with a combo?" to everyone when you work at the concessions?

  2. YES. its ridiculous. you HAVE to ask if they want a combo (saying it right off the bat is easier than hearing their order and trying to make a combo out of it) and you HAVE to try to upsize their order (from small to med, med to large.. drinks AND popcorn). They basically require you to hassle people. which i dont like to do. they have these secret shoppers who come to the theaters and rate them. apparently they look for these things so i dont really want to fuck it up.