Monday, March 1, 2010

The Good Samaritan

I thought the bus ride back from class today would be like all the others: me, listening to my ipod in silence, casually peering around at my fellow bus-mates until we parted ways at our respective stops. For the most part, that was true, but something unexpected happened. A girl sitting across from me got off at one of the stops before mine (obviously cuz I saw her leave). I glanced over as the bus was rumbling away to notice a pink phone in her place. Damn, she forgot it. Losing your phone straight up sucks. I grabbed it off her seat and fumbled through it, trying to find her name so I could look her up on Facebook or something to return it to her; I was skeptical about giving it to the bus driver. To make a long post short, the phone rang when I got off the bus (Restricted number) so I answered it to hear a worried girl ask, "My phone?..." I'll bet she was relieved when I casually remarked that I had it in safe condition and she could meet me to pick it up right away. I didn't even demand a reward (not that any was required). Well, she came and picked it up, said thank you a thousand times and drove off. I'll probably never see her again. Oh well. I just think it's funny how this is a big deal - somebody actually getting their phone back when losing it. Because we've all heard the stories of how people lose their phones and never get them back; the people who found it never answer the hundreds of calls, texts or voicemails, even if they are threatening. Why don't people just do the right thing and return something that isn't theirs? Society would be a much better place if they did. P.S. to make this post longer, Shannon lost her phone today too, but was informed that she could pick it up at the Young Hall Office. Small world I guess, and maybe there aren't as many bad people in the world as we think.


  1. hahaha jaclyn what a good phrase! the only reason i know what it means is because of the movie the holiday. but i agree. was she a cutie, kyle?

  2. unfortunately, no. I thought of how glorious it could have been had she been cute, though.