Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When You Know Something Is Out to Get You

Sometimes procrastinating seems to catch up to you. In my case, it is happening as I type this blog, but not in a good "I wanna be distracted so I'm gonna do something pointless like play Pac-Man or lay on the floor for no reason" sort of way. I had all day (actually all week) to do my chemistry post-lab, but I decided to put it off until today, you know, the uge. (sp? -- Jaclyn?). Anyways, so I FINALLY started to do it around 6 o'clock, knowing full well that I had a referee pizza party get-together to attend at 8:30pm. But I figured I had enough time. Right as I started it, I texted a friend to see if I could get a ride to the party later. He said he was going early to play basketball if I wanted to go. Of course I did! I mean, shooting hoops beats the hell out of lame old chemistry. Plus, I'll have time to do it when I get back, I thought. Boy was I wrong. Got back around 10pm and started to do my post-lab. However, I didn't get far; I tried to log onto the 'MyUCDavis' site (where the chemistry lab site is) but for some reason unbeknownst to everyone on the entire freaking planet, the site is down with a service error or some crap. I mean, that site has NEVER crashed in my whole history of life at college. Wow, just wow. GG (good game) "anti-procrastination" man, you just proved a point to me. But I won't get around to learning from it until later.


  1. nice spelling on that uge. i wouldve tried to stick an s in there somewhere. rookie mistake.

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