Monday, March 1, 2010

I Am Sympathetic To The Bear

Okay so this happened Friday but I forgot to blog about it so Harry told me to blog it today. I was in NPB and we must have been talking about fight or flight or something because this one girl raised her hand and was like, "So.. you know when you get nervous, you pee, right?" She then quickly added that it was cats she was talking about, not humans. I'm thinking it was secretly a personal experience question.

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  1. Also, in NPB today, our TA Shavawn (that's a french-ass name) told us about these "fat free" potato chips that had products your digestive system couldn't digest and it reminded me of The Sweetest Thing.. "I'd be careful with those chips.. they cause anal leakage." "You cause anal leakage." "Says so on the bag."