Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not So Stand Up Comedy

Yesterday I had two finals; physics first, the later one Organic Chemistry. Anyways, I showed up to my second final a few minutes early to pick a seat in one of the lab rooms. To start off, these rooms are not good rooms to take tests in. There are no desks really, but long bench tables with drawers along the entire sides, hence there was no room to put your legs under the table. With your legs of to the side, you had to sit on these little stools that force you to lean over the table awkwardly (can't be good for your back twisting and hunching over). Well fortunately for some students, they didn't have to sit awkwardly on these stools because they got to STAND during their final. That's right, there weren't enough seats for everyone, so about five students had to take a two hour O-Chem test standing up. I thought learning to count was done in preschool, apparently it's not important in organic chemistry.

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  1. wow, that is honestly horrible. i'd be so pissed.