Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunch Study

Today I got lunch in the silo in between class. After I received my food I decided that a table upstairs would be a nice place to sit. I sat down at a long table against the wall where a few people had been studying. Due to lack of space, I had to sit down next to someone that was already studying. I was eating and not studying; he was studying and not eating. Anyways I never felt that it was awkward or anything but after about 5 minutes the kid next to me randomly decided it was a good idea to change seats. I don't feel like I was cramping his space or invading his privacy or anything, but he felt that it was necessary to move away from me and sit next to someone else in this cramped corner. I don't think I smelled to bad or anything because I put deodorant today nor was I eating loudly or making obnoxious noises that might have driven him away (I came up with all of these reasons while I finished eating lol). Anyways he moved into this cramped corner which seemed to have less space than before, although it did have a window to provide some natural light. Maybe all he wanted was some sunlight.

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